Недвижимость на юге ГерманииIn recent times, an increasing number of Russians seeking to purchase property abroad. They each have their own reasons: someone wants to invest money with the subsequent profit, and someone personally buy housing for their needs and life.

Let us consider these two options for buying real estate separately. As a preferred countries take the South of Germany.

Everyone knows that Germany is a country with a high standard of living, that’s why she attracts so? In addition, there are very nice!

Practical the whole territory of the country has economic and political stability. Even during the financial crisis, Germany was one of the few countries that were able to withstand without damage to its economy and standard of living.

This stability has been observed for many years in relation to real estate prices. A significant jump occurs, and its value remains practically at the same level. It is profitable to buy a house or apartment in the South of Germany, but to cash in on lease or subsequent sale, is unlikely to be possible.

Comfortable conditions for living in Germany

But for those who have decided to buy a house in Germany, planning to live on its territory, this idea can be quite successful. When German economic and political system, you can be confident in its civil security.

Especially for such living conditions suited the South of Germany, rich geographically small cozy towns. One of the notable characteristics of this area is a separate dialect of the German language for each town separately. At least for area residents Palatinate and Bavaria does not exist literary German language.

Комфортные условия для жизни в Германии

Nevertheless, a small town in southern Germany with a kind of special appeal. Nice to look at each house, lavishly decorated with fresh flowers. Thanks to the pretty streets, small shops, meat shops and small churches, all looks kind of cozy at home.

Cities such as: Lindau, Bregenz, Sonthofen, Kempten, füssen, Oberammergau and other filled each with their own individual flavor. But what unites them is the lack of big city life, quiet and peaceful life, filled with its charms.

Any house purchased in any of the towns of southern Germany, will be a great “dock” for balanced, calm and stable life.

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