SPA-care compared with conventional nail Polish has a number of differences, which is also its advantages. Procedures for hand care in the concept SPA are a ritual actions aimed at relaxation and aesthetic pleasure.

The term SPA comes from the name of the city in Belgium, famous for its thermal waters. Salon SPA-care glorified small state, as well as, for example, are now becoming a popular stylish mens hoodies Korea and other items of the male wardrobe produced in this Eastern country.
SPA-уход за руками в салоне2

Salon SPA aesthetics should be present in all, ranging from the external appearance manicure Cabinet, to be used utensils and accessories. In the SPA-treatment for hands necessarily apply aroma oils. They greatly enhance relaxation of the client. There are several tools to help specialist SPA-manicure:

Peelings. After soaking hands in warm water must be processed wet skin scrub. They are of two types : natural and artificial. The most effective are natural peelings. However, it also has its own nuances. For example, if the hands are small sores, it is not recommended to use products containing sea salt. It is better to replace them with scrub with extracts of brown sugar.
The mask. The range of such drugs is large enough. Masks are universal, anti-aging, cooling, warming, antibacterial, bleaching. To apply them, you need a brush with synthetic pile as the genuine will absorb a product.
Thermobaric. This is a wonderful invention allows to enhance the impact of the mask on the skin. Before using them should be put on processed mask hands disposable gloves, and then put them in thermobaric for 15-20 minutes.
Cream. SPA-manicure is completed by hand massage cream. It, like other drugs, should be selected individually, depending on characteristics of the client’s skin.
SPA-уход за руками в салоне3
After the massage cream, you must complete the procedure manicure, having degreased surface of the nail plate and at will of the client applying the paint.

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