The preservation of the natural long nails – the task in itself is quite complicated, and regular exercise its certainly not facilitate. Certain sports in General do not accept these excesses, in other just the probability of accidentally damage nails. Of course, on special nutrition of athletes, containing protein, zinc, calcium, in General, can positively affect the status of the nail. However, in any case, the best solution would be to limit moderate length and choose a couple of special ideas manicure.

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Short fingernails with a pattern of Zebra

This design is fairly simple to implement and successfully looks on short nails. In the Arsenal need only have white, black and transparent varnish. The first is plotted on nails and wait until dry. Then we arm the black polished and fine brush – need to draw some horizontal lines from different sides of the edge to the center, trying to mimic the pattern on the skin of a Zebra. On top of all of consolidating figure, covering nails with a layer of transparent structure.

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Yin and Yang on short nails

Conditionally divide the nail on the two halves of the vertically. One of them закрашиваем white painted and put it on a little black point, another black cover composition and leave her point of white color. Through needles need to make fine smooth line. It will begin from the side, painted in black, will reach the black point, then will pass through the point white and back again on the white side. All of this have to do with each nail, and then apply a coat of fixer.

маникюра для коротких ногтей 2

General recommendations for the care of short nails and design

Variations of the design for a small nail length are very numerous, but we cannot forget about the care of them. Internet-shop of sports nutrition can provide a complex of vitamins. In addition, it is important to carefully remove the cuticle – so nails will seem longer.

With regard to the nuances of design, preference should be given to bright paints, but not too dark. Longitudinal line visually lengthen the nail, while horizontally oriented elements on the contrary, shorten them. Figures should not be too big, but do not granulate. In the rest of the special restrictions except, of course, outright bad taste, no.

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