The ninth of March Apple had probably the best in the last few years the presentation… About new products and the success of Cupertino we will cover in this series.

New stores

Began the “Apple” of the presentation of the video and the story about the store opening West Lake in China. New Apple Store opened its doors in Hangzhou in January 2015, before the Chinese New Year. Around the same time the window closed with a white cloth with the Apple logo and a quote from an ancient Chinese poem.

Overall, the company for a month and a half opened five new stores in China, and by the end of 2016 in their PRC should appear for another twenty-five.

Apple TV

As for the Apple TV set-top box, with her Cupertino haven’t done anything new. Compensate the fall in prices now to buy such a device can sixty-nine dollars instead of ninety-nine.

To date has sold over twenty five million consoles Apple TV, one of the functions which is playing music.

The other news about the set top box refers exclusively to residents of the United States of America, who can now use the service HBO Now. Thanks to this American Apple TV owners can now watch exclusive cable channel HBO and “Game of Thrones” on the Internet. The cost of this pleasure will be $14,99.


Tim cook boasted that the company recently sold its 700 millionth smartphone.

Apple Pay

Payment service Apple Pay is now cooperating with 2 thousand 500 banks. The number of retailers who accept in the U.S. payment via Apple Pay has increased to 700 thousand. The Coca-Cola company, for example, promises the end of the year to provide a mechanism to buy their drinks in more than 100 thousands of machines via Apple Pay.

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