весенние курткиSpring is unpredictable time of year, which, despite calendar limits, able to stretch more than three months. To live through this period with comfort, you need to enlist support for modern fashionable couturier, producing a beautiful garment. Spring jackets more practical than coats, which they when selecting the right model and her right combination is not at all inferior in femininity. How to choose a good spring jacket and what to wear?


Down inflated jacket

In the early spring, which is not without a morning frosts and cold winds, the best solution is a quilted jacket. Spring jacket on sintepon down from the top of the material will not increase the figure, but will warm you, give comfort and will not restrict movement. Quilted jackets are produced as inexpensive brand-manufacturers and renowned brands offering on the podium interesting fashion combination with the simple model.

Quilted spring jacket fits well with the Trouser ensembles, with jeans. Fashionable quilted jacket fastened not a zipper, and a large buttons and has a small turn-down collar. You should not wear it, if you have a full figure. Note pockets that can visually enlarge the area of the hips.



Aviator is not only a model with a fur collar and cuffs, designed for the cold winter. Huge popularity of this model have urged producers to produce demi adaptation, which firmly established in the realities of the modern cold spring. For rainy climate there is nothing better than leather jackets-Aviator, fur collar which can be easily cleaned inside. Living in drier climates appreciate the advantages of a jacket from windproof fabric shade hacks.

To combine jacket Aviator you can feminine parts wardrobe, everyday casualand business. Such jackets look good with floral dresses, knitted dresses knee, pencil skirts and high classic boots on sustainable heels.


Jacket-leather jackets

Black leather jackets – the same classic wardrobe, as the little black dress, with which it can also be worn. The leather jacket has no equal in the combinatorial possibilities, because it can be worn leather breeches and long evening dress made of flimsy material.

The leather jacket, black zippered, but without many other metallic accessories will allow you to create many stylish spring way for young girls. Slim ladies can combine it with leggings and short skirts. Other options: to wear leather jacket with dresses-fine cotton or chiffon or long skirts to the floor.



Park tone hacks is one of the most practical solutions for spring. From the cold will save the hood with fur trim and knee length. This jacket that not all causes positive emotions because of its overly relaxed and functional, popularized fashion bloggers, who showed all the rest, as in style, this model can look at a successful combination with base and accessories.

Wearing Park preferably with pants, jeans or leggings in a couple free sweater with print, ankle boots with wide top or high lace-up shoes.



Sports jacket teddy was once the preserve of the male wardrobe, but with the spread of the sport style-chic she got right to the addition of women’s dress. In the classical model teddy jacket sleeves differ in color and material from the front of the shelves and back. The jacket can be buttoned and zipped, with a small elastic collar, cuffs, bow wrist, protecting hands from the wind. Because of a vibrant athletic appearance jackets teddy in a woman’s wardrobe need the right combination, which will save the image from the image of the athlete.

Jacket teddy – model for warm spring. Wear it with short or long skirts, cropped pants, pointy shoes with heels, leather oxfords or brogues. Avoid included combinations with other items with a distinctive sporty style.

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