Appeared relatively recently, manicure using gel-Polish and acrylic quickly gained popularity. Due to its resistance to mechanical and chemical damage, gel Polish and acrylic perfectly kept nails, without losing its original luster and color saturation for 2 – 3 weeks. In addition, special physical properties of these materials, you can create nail art masterpieces. Nails of any shape, long, regardless of the strength of the nail plate, decorated with unique design perfectly accentuate the style and will complement a well-groomed image of each girl.
Стартовый набор для самостоятельного наращивания ногтей и гелевого маникюра.2
Of course, the cost of a visit to the master of manicure Cabinet cost is not cheap, to say nothing of the regular care of nails. But the truth is that every girl can create a manicure with gel Polish or acrylic. In fact to get the materials for nail extension in specialty stores or online sites without any problems.

Training professional manicure is not enough, but expensive courses there is a free alternative: video lessons and master classes in a variety of application techniques gel-Polish, nail extension and nail design. They are shared on websites and video portals such as YouTube.
Стартовый набор для самостоятельного наращивания ногтей и гелевого маникюра.3
Having a General idea about the procedure of nail extension and application of gel-Polish, is to get a minimal set of special tools:

  • UV or LED lamp UV lamps are of two types: on 9 and 36 volts. Lamp 9 volt dry finish from 5 to 10 minutes, 36 – just 2-3 minutes. LED bulbs are more expensive, but the average time of drying the gel-Polish for just 30 seconds.
  • Primer Means for disinfecting and degreasing of the nail plate. Sometimes acid and non-acid, the main difference between them is in sharp smell. Promotes better adhesion of the gel-Polish to the nail plate.
  • Basic coverage Protects the natural nail from damage during subsequent removal of the varnish, and is the basis of the strength of the manicure.
  • Finish Secures lacquer colour or design, and also it prevents the chemical and physical effects on the nail.
  • Acrylic powder Material to create artificial nail
  • Forms for capacity Are disposable and reusable.
  • Flat brush Tool for applying acrylic
  • The pusher Metal device for cleaning the nail from cuticle.
  • BAF Special Polish for nail plate.
  • Color gel Polish Base nail Polish, can be used as a full coverage, and to perform design elements.
  • Orange sticks when processing the cuticle, the application of the design and the destruction of gel-Polish.
  • Wipes lint-free cloth an Indispensable tool for error correction.
  • The tool to remove the sticky layer and degreasing of the nail plate will Suit even the most cheap.
  • The remover gel-Polish Plain acetone tool fails to removing gel nail Polish.
  • The foil will come in Handy when performing design and removing nail Polish.

Стартовый набор для самостоятельного наращивания ногтей и гелевого маникюра.5
The average cost of a basic set will cost 3-10 thousand rubles, depending on the choice of manufacturers of materials, type polarizing lamp and the number of colored varnish.

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