Стелла МаккартниThey say that the children talented parents nature relaxes, but there are exceptions to this rule. In respect of Stella McCartney this saying loses its cynical charm and meaningless. Stella McCartney is a great труженица, which is already the second decade justifies its title of one of the most influential fashion designers in the world. The famous name, of course, added her name recognition, but it is only complemented its undeniable talent.


Blue blood

Стелла МаккартниStella McCartney was born in the British capital in 1971 in a family of a famous «битла» by Paul McCartney and his wife Linda Eastman. Quite symbolic can be considered the birth of Stella exactly one year after the cult of the «fab four» ceased to exist – so famous name has entered a new era of its existence.

But, despite belonging to the famous and wealthy family, Stella could not boast of cloudless «luxury» childhood. Her parents wanted a daughter escaped the bitter fate of star Chad, so she studied in an ordinary school and made friends with children from ordinary families. Later, having become a famous fashion designer Stella acknowledged that this has played a huge role in its formation and as a person and as a designer. Simplicity and comfort first of all this hard and fast rule, she was guided by when creating any of its collection.


Way to itself

Стелла МаккартниCreative ambitions in the girl leaped in adolescence. Having a dad is a musician and mother-photographer, Stella could refer to one of these areas, but went on his own way. At thirteen she had made its first model, service, three years later became the assistant to the French master of Christian Lacroix, who estimated the young talent. After graduating from school, Paul McCartney came to study in the famous Ravensbourne College, after which became a student of the Saint Martins – at London’s legendary College of art and design, issued John Galliano and Alexander McQueen.

First steps as a young designer Stella McCartney could make in 1995. Her final collection was presented on the podium persons and the business model of the nineties. Under the applause of the auditorium outfits from Stella showed Naomi Campbell, yasmin Le Bon, Kate moss and other well-known models. It was the birth of a new star in the world of fashion. However, not everyone took the parish Stella McCartney with delight.


Femininity without borders

Стелла МаккартниEnglish fashion different from any other, but Stella McCartney, advocating a nontrivial сложносочиненную femininity in their collections able to try their forces not only in the British fashion. Having got education in one of the best universities in the native UK, McCartney was invited as a creative Director in the French house Chloé, which is always associated with a pure feminine styles without a hint of pretentiousness and an extravagance. Stella on this position changed the «German Kaiser» French fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, who reacted with skepticism to the newcomer. He, as many others did not believe in its ability to design, believing that a known name are unsubstantiated ambitions бесталанной girls. But after the first collection McCartney for Chloé all doubts outright enemies were dispelled. But Stella not stay in France for a long time – after some time it took another house with a more powerful influence on the world of fashion. It was a Gucci.

Subsequently McCartney collaborated with many, not stopping to work for their own brand. And whatever unexpected nor was the new collaboration, Stella does not change his style – femininity, embodied in the simple lines, soft silhouettes cut, natural shades with floral prints or solid tissues. Does not modify the designer and his экосознательнсти, graft parents, devout vegetarians.


Экомода – the basis of humanity

Stella McCartney has successfully promoted in the mass understanding of the need to care about the environment through the rejection of violence in fashion. It does not make use of its collections of leather and fur, showing that modern synthetic materials and appearance, and in its physical characteristics are not inferior to natural.

Passion Stella is passed to her team that is infected with the idea of environmental security. They have applied technologies, which allow, for example, to restrict the consumption of water. Or produce clothes and accessories that are easily decomposed and may be used for reprocessing. All the collections of Stella McCartney 30% consist of harmless substances.

She admits that she is shocking indifferent attitude to the ecology of the majority of her colleagues that from year to let out the collection with an abundance of genuine leather and furs. And not ashamed to tell them about it. Экосознательными vegans grow and children Stella – they had four.

Charity McCartney cannot but arouse admiration. In addition to the regular royalties from the sale of their collections in the Fund PETA, who fights for the ethical treatment of animals, Stella constantly holds shares, listing tools in children’s foundations or organizations that help older persons.

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