The confidence, the gleam in his eyes, well-groomed face are the ingredients of an ideal image of a woman. It remains to add a neat manicure and beautiful hairstyle! But not all nature has endowed strong, long nails. This problem is quickly solved by a nail. After the procedure, your hands will be manicured and elegant! It is not surprising that the method has become very popular with many ladies. The next step to changing appearance is the acquisition of long enchanting curls. Now you should not wait months or even years, and it is enough to visit the salon! You will help the hair extension pictures which in our days is quite adequate! However, to acquire long hair – that’s half the battle, you also need to learn how to care for them to keep their gorgeous look for a long time.

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Hair care includes:

  • care of the scalp and strengthening the roots of my hair;
  • protection of the places of attachment of the strands;
  • maintaining the gloss and Shine of curls.

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The secrets of caring for hair extensions

Shampooing must be carried out carefully so that the curls do not get confused. The procedure should be done standing in the shower. For hair care, select tools from the for increased locks. Intense shampooing and rubbing with a towel should be avoided! Eliminate and shampoos for dry hair, moisturizers.

To comb your hair gently from the tips, holding the curls at the roots. Wet locks are very vulnerable, so don’t forget to dry naturally.

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When using the dryer, select a cool temperature. Let it dry to the roots. Use styling products with a neutral pH. If you have difficult hair, contact the salon to the professionals. When styling with hot tools, be very careful in his choice of anchorages strands, in capsules. Avoid tight weaving! By the way, the artificial coloring hair too!

Before bedtime weave braid or tie the tail. Do not fall asleep with wet hair, otherwise you do not comb in the morning. In the period of wearing increased locks to avoid them drying out, minimize the use of sauna, bath, swimming pool.

Watch out for hair extensions is not difficult, but troublesome. Although the result – the admiring glances of men and envious looks of women’s worth it!

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