Weighs quail eggs around 10 grams, but, despite its diminutive size, it is much more useful chicken. This product belongs to the diet, because it lacks cholesterol. That is why quail eggs can be eaten both adults and children. No contraindications, they can have even available, which is expressly prohibited chicken eggs.

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Vitamin charge quail eggs

Thanks vitamins and microelements that fills quail eggs, this product is considered to be an excellent anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and immune stimulating tool. Phosphorus, potassium and iron contribute to the improvement of memory. Quail eggs allow a positive effect on mental abilities of children. They also enriched with vitamin a, cobalt and copper. While the high level of vitamin group can help improve the human nervous system.

But the main superiority quail eggs over chicken is high content of amino acids such as lysine, tyrosine, histidine, threonine, glycine. Tyrosine plays an important role in metabolism, but also affects the formation of pigment that is responsible for the healthy appearance of skin. For this reason, use quail eggs uses and cosmetic industry. Most often they are used in the perfume industry for the manufacture of shampoos and creams expensive brands.

Moreover, quail eggs significant content of vitamin D, which is very important for the child’s body, because it is this element prevents the development of such serious diseases like rickets.

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Phosphorus, which is part of this product, affect men’s health and increases efficiency of hormones. Bulgarian scientists have confirmed the fact that the effectiveness of quail eggs exceed the drug “Viagra”. Bulgaria was also invented cocktail “Youth” on the basis of quail eggs, which works fine for potency.

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In quail eggs are not able to survive and develop pathogens Salmonella. This is because the body temperature of a quail is 42 degrees, which is an unfavourable environment for many harmful microorganisms. Therefore, this product it is possible to eat raw, and, thus, to fill the body with nutrients. If the child is prone to food allergies and diateza, then ask him to try quail egg. The remarkable fact is that children who refuse to chicken eggs, happy to eat quail. A child who regularly consume this useful product, less tired, becomes more mobile, so it has good results in studies.

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Healing power in the quail egg

It is known that quail eggs from ancient times was considered a natural remedy. Range, on which this valuable product is able to exert a curative effect, is rather wide:


  • anemia;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract, including ulcers and gastritis;
  • diseases of respiratory apparatus (bronchial asthma, chronic pneumonia);
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • mitigation of toxemia of pregnancy;
  • preventing disruption of pregnancy;
  • diseases of organs of vision;
  • improving sexual health.

Despite the obvious benefits of this product, to abuse them is not worth it. Adults is not recommended to eat more than four quail eggs per day, and children it is better to give one or two eggs a day. The source of the material World without harm.



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