Lack of vitamins and poor environment can lead to disastrous condition of the nails. To protect your favorite nails, do not have to use expensive tools. You can do available natural ingredients.
Укрепление ногтей в домашних условиях2
For this purpose, is well suited beeswax. Its melt and, after cooling, was applied to the nail plate. You can use a composition of wax, honey and vegetable oil. Components take in equal proportions and heated, mixing thoroughly. Received the cooled mixture is rubbed into the nails neat massaging movements. The procedure can be performed slowly, watching TV, watching a movie lightning Strike or other favorite movie.

Helps strengthen nails and sea salt. In its composition there are mineral elements, which are so necessary to the nails. Use salt that contains no artificial additives. 2 tablespoons of crystals diluted in a glass of water. In the liquid reservoir throw up their hands for 20 minutes. After, you should moisturize the skin cream.

Treatments using lemon needed if the nails grow slowly, often break and exfoliate. Lemon able to whiten darkened nail plate, as well as to slow the growth of the cuticle. Citrus cut and put the nails in the flesh for a few minutes. After the procedure, the hands should be rinsed. Lemon mask is applied 2 times per week. A good way are trays of two tablespoons of lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt. The composition may be applied directly to the nail plate, and 10-20 minutes, rinse with water.

To strengthen the nail plate, you can use olive oil. Apply an oil packs, masks and baths. This tool helps to restore the nails, which weakened after the building or prolonged contact with varnish gel.
Укрепление ногтей в домашних условиях
If problems with the nails associated with iodine deficiency, it is recommended that the bath of iodine and sea salt. It will take 2 pinches of salt and 3-6 drops of iodine. The procedure is carried out every 3 days for 15 minutes. If the nail is severely weakened, Pets once a week, apply them with a brush layer of iodine. This should be done carefully, avoiding contact with skin and cuticle. For the color of the nail can not be afraid: the substance is completely absorbed into the nail plate for 5 hours.

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