Women’s hands were always visible, so they should always be well groomed and beautiful. But this is impossible to do without beautiful nails. But, without any special care your nails break, flake, and otherwise upset their owners. This article contains the best tips on how to maintain the beauty of nails.
Выбираем укрепление ногтей вместо наращивания3
To nails were strong and healthy you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Detergents and water are the enemies of nails. It is necessary to reduce their contact to a minimum. To wash the dishes and sanitary ware gloves. Also, do not get too often to take the baths for hands. Popular bath with soda does not strengthen nails, and disinfects and prevents ingrown nails. It is useful to use special filters that clean the water from harmful substances, you can find them here
  • No need to gash the side of your nails, because this may cause injury to entire nail plate. And as a result nails break easily.
  • Constantly use a moisturizer, because the nails need nourishment. The creams should have in vitamins A and E.
  • A few times a month do oil masks, they will help to strengthen the nail plate.
  • The nail leads to deterioration of the appearance of the nail. They should not get carried away, you need to give your nails a breather.
  • If the nail is weak, the building up and strengthening, which make in the salons, can lead to deterioration.
  • There is a common myth that nail Polish is bad for you — it is not. The layer of lacquer helps protect your nails from harm the environment. But, you need to choose paints that do not contain toluene and formaldehyde.
  • In winter it is necessary to carefully care for the skin of hands and nails. It is precisely at this time of year they are most. The body gets a minimal amount of vitamins, your skin become dry and weather-beaten, temperature, long stay in the cold — all this leads to the deterioration of nails.
  • As a rule, the condition of nails depends on how many vitamins into the body. If you eat a large amount of calcium, your nails will become stronger and will cease to exfoliate and break.

Укрепление ногтей
To nails were strong and well groomed you must carefully respect these times of entry of these rules. To look beautiful, efforts should be made carefully and to take care of myself.

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