The problem exfoliating and brittle nails is familiar to practically every girl. How to keep your nails healthy or to return them beautiful and well-groomed? Of course, you should contact the proven ways, well established. In particular, strengthen nails with Biogel. The composition of this tool is similar to ordinary gel nail extension, the main purpose of Biogel – strengthening of the nail plates. It acts rather gently due to the fact that contains useful substances: resin plant-based, proteins and minerals. Nail plates are not subject to aggressive action: zapilivanie or processing with the help of aggressive substances. Instead of these unwanted actions, nails a little grind a nail file. Biogel not cause Allergy, in its structure there are no harmful toxins that can cause harm to human health or the environment, virtually odourless. The similarity of Biogel with the usual means for nail extension is that it polymerizes in ultra-violet lamp.
Укрепление ногтей биогелем2
By the way, pale or bluish natural nail varnish is indicative of violation of the circulatory and heart disease. In such cases will help cardiologist Tyumen, he will choose a suitable treatment. Biogel is applied in a thin layer and preserves the natural color of the nail. In the process of regrowth nail boundary of the transition seamless. Therapeutic effect can be compared with the “sealing” of the nail plate, that is, the formation of elastic and dense protection that prevents delamination and brittle nails. Biogel extremely smooth and even surface of the nail plate, which allows you to grow your nails at any length. To remove a tool from the nails do not need to perform time-consuming steps, traumatic Spiriva material. Just enough to cause a special solution on the surface of the nail plate, wait 15 minutes and easily remove Biogel.
Укрепление ногтей биогелем3
So, what are the advantages which distinguish this tool? Of course, making a healthy and well-groomed appearance of the nails, do not require special efforts. Gel nails – the optimal choice of girls who appreciate care and grooming nail.

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