растяжки на грудиStretch marks on Breasts is a serious problem for many women. These unsightly stripes on the skin thoroughly spoil the mood, especially given the fact that over time, they do not decrease and do not disappear.


For women presence of stretch marks on the Breasts often becomes the cause of emotional discomfort, low self-esteem and lack of self-attractiveness, often stretching does not allow a woman to wear the clothes, underwear or a swimsuit that she likes. Everyone thinks of stretch marks unpleasant drawback, and no one would like to put it on display. What is the cause of appearance of stretch marks? Is it possible to make them less noticeable?

Stretch marks on Breasts, abdomen or hips may occur in a period of rapid growth of the organism, which is accompanied by stretching of the skin. One or another part of the body, increasing in volume and size, stretches the skin, resulting on its surface there are lines of different width and size pinkish or red color. Most often stretch marks appear during pregnancy, puberty or sudden weight gain. Any woman who is faced with the problem of stretch marks wants to get rid of them. Unfortunately, a simple means to completely eliminate stretch marks, there are, however, certain treatments can make them less noticeable.


Natural remedies against stretch marks on Breasts

The first and most available method of dealing with stretch marks on Breasts is massage. This massage can be done independently. Carefully, but confidently enough, massage the breast skin in a circular rubbing movement. Massage stimulates circulation and improves tissue nutrition, which in turn is very important to repair damaged fibers and reduce stretch marks. Breast massage is recommended to do twice a day, morning and bedtime for 90 seconds, paying particular attention to areas where stretch marks are located.

Don’t forget to drink enough water, the skin should be well hydrated, so it will better retain its elasticity and suppleness. Nutritionists advise to drink six to eight glasses of pure water a day. Any physical activity aimed at improving skin tone, useful in preventing the appearance of stretch marks on the chest or in the fight with those that have already appeared.

Try to devote time to regular training, if you have no opportunity to engage in the hall, the more you walk, walk on fresh air at least an hour a day. Reasonable exercise fills the body with energy, strengthen muscles and skin thus making stretch marks less visible. Even if after exercising stretch marks are not pale, they are few who will notice against a beautiful toned figure and confidence in their own irresistibility.


Castor oil

Castor oil is widely used for the elimination and prevention of wrinkles, acne, age spots and many other skin problems, including against stretch marks on the chest. If you have stretch marks, regularly massage castor oil into problem areas in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes. Coat the skin in a thin cotton cloth (you can use an old night shirt) and put a hot water bottle or a plastic bottle with hot water for another half an hour. For positive result of such a procedure is recommended daily for months.


Aloe Vera

Soothing and regenerating properties of aloe Vera help to make stretch marks less noticeable. In the fight against stretch marks aloe can be used in different ways. You can directly RUB aloe Vera gel into the skin, leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Aloe also can be prepared massage remedy, mix a quarter Cup of aloe Vera gel with an oil content of 10 capsules of vitamin E and 5 capsules of vitamin A. mix Received the daily massage into skin until fully absorbed.


Egg whites

Eggs – a rich source of protein. To eliminate stretch marks you want to use only protein is eggs, which contain protein, and amino acids.

With a fork whisk the two egg protein, egg foam, apply a thick layer on the skin using a cosmetic brush. Wait until whites are completely dry, and then wash it off with cold water. Then apply to the skin a thin layer of olive oil, protein dries the skin, so it will need extra moisture. Repeat the procedure for two weeks, the rate of egg masks can be extended to the desired result.


Lemon juice

Lemon juice with its acidity is perfect for lightening stretch marks. Simply RUB lemon juice to problem areas in circular movements, allow the lemon to soak into the skin, then after about ten minutes, rinse off the juice with warm water.

Second option: mix lemon and cucumber juice in equal proportions and apply the mixture on the skin. After 10 minutes, rinse.



Sugar it perfectly exfoliates and strengthens the skin and improves circulation.

Mix a tablespoon of sugar with a small amount of almond oil and few drops of lemon juice. Stir well and apply the mix on the problem areas. Gently RUB the sugar scrub into the skin for a few minutes, then rinse. Repeat this procedure daily before the shower and after about a month you will notice a positive result, stretch marks will lose sharpness and turns pale.


Potato juice

Potato juice is rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for growth and cell regeneration.

Cut potato in medium thick slices. Wipe slices of potatoes skin with stretch marks, let the starch and juice from potatoes to soak into the skin, wait until dry, then rinse off the juice with warm water.



Pour alfalfa contains eight essential amino acids are incredibly good for health and beauty of our skin. Alfalfa is also rich in protein, vitamins E and K.

Mix a small amount of chopped leaves of alfalfa with chamomile oil to a paste. Massage movements apply the mixture to your skin, repeat this process two or three times a day for several weeks. Don’t give up and very soon you will notice the result.


Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is the perfect moisturizing component of your skin, it nourishes and softens the skin. Cocoa butter in its pure form use on areas of stretch marks within a few months, or prepare on its base nourishing cream: a half Cup of cocoa butter, mix with one tablespoon of oil of wheat germ, two tablespoons of grated beeswax, one teaspoon of apricot kernel oil and a teaspoon of vitamin E. Warm the mixture until the wax has melted. This cream can be stored in the refrigerator, apply to skin 2-3 times a day.


Olive oil

The antioxidants and vitamins in olive oil are beneficial to the skin, these substances can make stretch marks less noticeable. To reduce stretch marks regularly do massage with olive oil. Pomassirovti the skin, do not rinse the oil some time that vitamins a, D and E, which it contains, is absorbed into the skin. Olive oil can be mixed with vinegar and water and use this mixture as a night cream.


Creams against stretch marks

There are a huge number of ready-made creams against stretch marks, you can buy them at the pharmacy or store and use in combination with any of the above natural methods to combat stretch marks. If you find that the cream does not suit you, stop to use it and start to test the new product only after two or three days. The skin needs time to recover and prepare to accept new active ingredients.

The composition of such creams is often included Shea butter and vitamin E, which, by the way, can be used as independent tools against stretch marks. In the means to eliminate stretch marks and scars often includes onion extract, which has brightening properties. No cream has an instant effect, and in order to see the result of its application, you need to have not less than twelve weeks. To lighten fresh stretch marks you can use bleaching creams, be sure to carefully read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the contraindications and side effects of such drugs.


Beauty against stretch marks

If after the application of creams or home remedies stretch marks on Breasts do not fade and continues to cause discomfort, you can make them less noticeable by using a special salon procedures, for example microdermabrasion. For maximum results, you will need a course of treatments, however, the result is sure to delight you.

We all know that prevention is much cheaper than treatment, and stretch marks on the breast in this case is no exception. Of course, to predict the appearance of stretch marks in adolescence is hard, but pregnancy is a sure call to action. During pregnancy and lactation the Breasts increase in size, and that the skin has been through this process with minimal losses, start preventing the appearance of stretch marks in the earliest period.

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