строгие платьяStrictness in fashion – the notion of anyone not regulated, because such a vague and many not properly understood. One girl can wear uncluttered style mini-skirt straight cut, the other barely opens ankles, completely closing the lush colorful skirt. And where to look for severity? When it comes to dresses that you want to choose a dress for work, these criteria appear in the head without assistance. Strict dress – models, who pay no attention to himself, not shouting about their superiority over other stuff, but neatly fitting in with the style of those who wear it.

Strictness in high esteem was at all times, especially in the women’s image. It is not befitting a decent ladies bare body, or obtain it so that everyone pay attention to the seductive curves, not to notice that it is impossible. But all this is frequently fashion archaisms, though not devoid of rational grain. In modern fashion strict dresses are identified and immediately on a set of criteria – the color scheme, style, design. Fortunately women who have to from time to time to adjust their individual fashion impulses, being carried away in the direction of marginal openness and demonstrative, laconic image does not always mean boredom and anonymity.

Strict dresses can be very stylish, and it is easily seen by viewing multiple impressions with fashion weeks, for example, from Céline, Chloé, Hervé Leger, Donna Karan. These designer brands season to prove that the true identity is not flashy colours and сложносочиненных forms with a shocking cover. Severity – is moderation, not a lack of individuality.


Dress in style of a retro

Strictness and often there is a lack of excessive оголенности, so when looking for a specific model it is necessary to pay attention to this point. Dress adjoining silhouette in the style of the fifties perfectly fit this criterion because they have a lack of excessive decor, and secondly, modest neckline and closed shoulders. Classic retro dresses of this era could provide a working set and the option for a cocktail. To complement these dresses can be a thin dark belt.


Tight dresses with long sleeves

Some of the models of combines rigor, glamour and sex appeal, which is hidden between the lines». Black, dark blue, антрацитовое, chocolate dress adjoining silhouette with a long sleeve up to the wrist – unexpected combination of simplicity, style, elegance and female attractiveness. These dresses can reach a length even ankles, but the woman in it did not lose its charm. Wear these models can be in everyday life, but also there are no obstacles and to adapt such dresses to the input style.


Business office dresses

The work can walk in different dresses, all depends on the set dress code n in fashion is allocated category of business models that have a strong character, with a rigor and professionalism. These dresses are made of dense high-quality materials which must not be fitting shape, colors corresponding to the gray, black, brown, beige, dark blue. Business dresses are almost deaf rounded neckline or the «boat». Design does not have a solid feel, produced dress with contrasting inserts that decorate the model according to all the laws of geometry is permissible brilliant strap and elegant decoration on the neck pendant or a string of pearls.

All three styles of dresses can have interesting versions and the final style depends on the type of fabrics, colours and accessories, which are chosen to certain strict dress. Necessary additions to these dresses: business jacket dark shade, leather shoes on a steady heel, classical bag rigid form (tote, tablet, briefcase, messenger).

Length of a strict dress – up to the knee, it is better to slightly lower. Coco Chanel claimed that in the whole Paris impossible to find a woman with a beautiful knees, therefore, they should be slightly covered. And she also said, «If you met a woman and not remember how she was dressed, so she was dressed perfectly». Maybe she was in one of the stylish strict dresses.

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