Hidden reserves!

The main advantage of any creams – modesty. The quieter he lays on the skin, the better. You do not want to hear the question: where did you buy this wonderful powder? Much nicer compliments about flawless complexion. It is important not only to successfully pick up the tool itself, but to the right of his cause.

One of the most common claims to the colours – they are unevenly too noticeable on the skin, stress even the most minor peeling.

To avoid these errors, you need to properly prepare the skin. Regularly use the peels. After removal of dead cells, the tone goes perfectly straight. Despite the fact that most of the tonal creams equipped with moisturizing agents, before applying the tone we are recommend you to use light day cream. Before cosmetologists generally offered to “re-educate” concealer, adding moisturizing or nourishing directly before application. Modern technology save us from further trouble. Now there are anti-aging tones, and treatment for oily skin, and antibacterial and drying, and with a lifting effect, and protective, and deeply moisturizing. Enough to find appropriate your expectations means and to the right of his cause.

Not to overdo it!

To liquid tone went smoothly, makeup applied with a brush soaked in wax. With this purpose you can use a dry or damp sponge. You should not soak it “thoroughly”. Sufficient amount of that will occupy a quarter of the sponge. After creams learned to hide greasy luster, powder began to lose its appeal. If you do not think of yourselves without powder, apply it with a dry sponge. Excess you can remove the fan brush, but not with a cotton swab or cloth. In this case, you are unlikely to achieve uniformity. Remember – makeup less is better than more. Naturalness is the year that never goes out of style.

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