стиль бобоAbout the style Bobo speak not so much as about boho hippie, with which it is often confused. Stylistic phenomenon Bobo not become so commonplace as more intuitive hippie-chic obvious, easily recognizable and adaptable to any woman who wants to try it on yourself. Bobo – it’s not really a hippie, but the style, which is based on its values, and proved its worth in today’s world of fashion, having overcome decades. He is ambiguous, not always recognizable, but so interesting for girls who are in search of a fashionable expression.


Harmonious eclectic

The term bobo style was first used in France, it is believed that he was born at sunset of the nineties. He formed two other terms – bourgeois and bohemiеn, who gave him his initial two letters, giving birth easily remembered name. Style Bobo is a harmonious combination of these two directions: luxurious bourgeois and creative Bohemian. The fact of joining of these styles makes Bobo extremely eclectic and bright, as in the past, no one could assume that in the same way it is possible to connect the severity and luxury with a creative beginning and a desire for natural that prevailed in the costumes of the adherents of the hippies.

Eclectic, new, with a retro motives and the influence of a new era in fashion Bobo style appeared out of nowhere. With him was something that rarely happens with modern styles of clothing – it is not proclaimed fashion designers, it randomly constructed those who later became the embodiment. Famous women, secured fashionistas who showed their love for hippie-style peculiar – combining the comfort and relaxation with luxury details, which fill their daily life. So Vysokova and claim fashion merged with the democratic motives boho-chic to bring all the delight harmony of a new unity of style.


Inspiring examples

Homeland Bobo style is France, although this fact, many contested. According to the common opinion about this direction, it is based on the free chic, which is inherent in it is French women with their excellent manner to combine luxury and expensive things with democratic. A woman in the style of Bobo looks fashionable and expensive, but the image deprived of smoothness, hardness, which is inherent in impeccable bourgeois.

One of the so-called style icons Bobo called Emmanuel Viola, which in 2011 became editor of the French edition of Vogue. Viola went down in history glossy journalism still for ten years prior to his great purpose, and even then drew the attention of the fashion of the public to his style, became the embodiment of the new French chic – a mixture of bourgeois viscolinetm and relaxing hippies. She skillfully combined with strict jackets, sometimes masculine tailoring, skinny and short skinny pants and shoes on high heels or creative boots with studs on the platform with a wide top.

Other examples to demonstrate Bobo – Sienna Miller, Kate moss, twin sisters Olsen. All have been plunged into insane combination of handles with multi-layered on the brink of a foul. The selection of components gown does not look random, it was always combined thirst for luxury, with the inclusion of the freedom indispensable. Combined super-expensive brands, creating a style Bobo succeeded Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who not only wore their own brand, but also experimented with elite brands, combining seemingly incongruous, creating a closet at the crazy thousands of dollars.

If you want to create your Bobo style, adapting his own image, you need to not only include fantasy, but to be able to pacify her. Bobo style should not look uncontrolled, but the purity and elegance must be diluted with the details, which were in the dress if by accident, dislodging from the common concept.

Above may be wearing a shirt, the tunic dress with a vest of the skin, fur, knitted wear, jacket, leather jacket-Koshoy, bottom – long flowered skirt, tight pants or jeans with prominent footwear (like the shoes on the platform, and Roman sandals or heavy boots). The emphasis on accessories, among which are especially welcome ethnics, sunglasses, headbands, wide-brimmed hats and leather bags-messenger.

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