фасоны платьев для полных женщинAmong the variety of models of clothes, which abound in modern stores properly file your figure. However, many women have not found their own individual style and dress is not as easy as those who’ve gotten good at fashion experiments. This is especially pronounced among women with plus size bed, which needs a special approach. Styles of dresses for larger women is quite diverse for proper submission of certain features of the figures, and if you don’t learn fashion tips looks nice and impressive, regardless of size, try to find to fit the right approach, not excluding healthy objectivity and criticism.

Dress for fat women can be simple or complex in design. His styles are separated not so much in General, how many schematically, according to the characteristics of the cut of the bodice or skirt. Given the passion of modern designers to unite in one damn dress of several styles from the past and present, we get an almost endless variety of models that are able to simultaneously hide the flaws of the upper and lower body, and to emphasize the dignity.

Consider your figure, consider that you would certainly want to hide and choose depending on this dress with a certain style of bodice and skirt in a reasonable range, leaving room for actual fashion and its own identity.


Styles of bodice

No matter whether expressed the fullness you have in the upper part of the figure, do not choose dresses that are overwrought or too open in the arms and neckline. It is best to leave the area of the bodice as calm as you can, allowing yourself the accents in the skirt or waist.

  • Recommended

V-neck dresses for larger women is always a safe choice, regardless of how big or small her Breasts are. The depth of the cut should not be shocking. The main goal of this cut is to “facilitate” the figure at the top, and visually to make it more elongated that always gives harmony.

As for the cut of the sleeves, much depends on the completeness of the hands. If the hands is normal or completeness is not critical, you can not hesitate to wear sleeveless dress. If they are full, it is recommended for light summer dresses to choose the silhouette of the sleeves in the style of “die Fledermaus”, which gently covers the problem area, without focusing on her attention, or to highlight the three quarter length sleeve, which is good for warm dresses and relaxed summer models.

  • Not recommended

Full women should not be wearing sundresses with thin thread-like straps that accentuate the fullness of the upper zone of the body, from the American armhole, expand the shoulders, is also wiser to give up. You should not choose dresses with sleeves-small lamps and light sleeves in the style of butterfly wings that barely cover the shoulders. Sleeve length above the elbow is also dangerous, because visually “cut” the hand in the most problematic parts, drawing attention to it.

As for the neck, it should not wear dresses with a fully closed neckline with draped cowl neckline, especially in Breasts, and short neck. Collar neckline-boat, which is characteristic of the dresses in the style of the fifties and sixties, visually expands the figure horizontally, so too would be a dangerous feature of fashionable dress.


Styles skirts

Skirt dresses for full must hide curvy hips, not to focus attention on a heavy rounded butt and create the overall impression of lightness silhouette. The style of the skirt is largely dictates the choice of shoes, and almost always for a more aesthetic appearance to the dress shoes are required for stable heel, but without heavy platforms or original curly wedgies.

  • Recommended

Skirt-cylinder in fashion, it can exist in both a long and short dress for everyday wear or for evening and cocktail events. The silhouette of the balloon is perfectly hides the problems in the waist and hips, while the adjacent styles can emphasize them, unwittingly catching your eye and with a projecting abdomen, and to the sides. Skirt-cylinder is well suited to women c figure Yabloko.

High and low waist skirts dresses for full is another good way to shift the focus from the speaker of the abdomen and imperfect or nonexistent waist. What style to choose depends on the occasion or the style of the dress. High waist is well suited for evening and summer dresses made of different materials, but that figure flaws are well hidden, I must give credit to the correct material.

Avoid pleating or other textured fabrics, which when high waist dresses make full of pregnant girls. Low landing zone recalls the style of the eighties and is well suited for short dresses that are suitable for parties.

Skirt-the year is not considered to be a very popular model in the dress for the full, but it can add to the classic silhouette bodycon dresses, especially when you need to hide full your knees and give the silhouette a femininity, visually pulling it, not “chopping off” a straight horizontal line.

  • Not recommended

The style mini dresses to full, of course – almost always a bad idea. The same goes for popular categories in evening skirt mermaid, which hugs the hips and buttocks, accentuating them. The “tail”, which departs from the dress from the knees, not the best way affects the proportions of the figure in the lower body, and your thighs can seem even larger than they really are.

If visible fat rolls on my sides and protruding abdomen should not wear a simple pleated skirt, especially with fine pleating. She lies in the problem area so that the volume is always increasing.


Tricks of the trade

No matter what style of the skirt or bodice of the dress for the complete you choose, remember the power of asymmetry that can transform even the most problematic figure. Wrap dress stands on the torso diagonal line, shifting accents, and your silhouette will look slimmer even with plain fabric of the dress.

For business output or beautiful dress is the peplum, which will transform the shape, which has been adjusted in the waist area. Baska average width of soft material that lays ruffles will hide a protruding abdomen and flanks even in women’s bodycon dress.

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