In the wardrobe of any woman should have a cardigan. Probably no more universal things that not only looks great, but combines with any outfit, starting from the strict image and up to romantic or evening.

Thanks to its versatility, womens sweatshirts cardigans steel produced in several variants:

  • Free – bulky sweaters undefined size;
  • Lying on the figure – cardigans smell, well emphasizing the silhouette;
  • Short – jacket to his waist;
  • Long – cardigan, length up to mid-thigh and lower.

How to wear a cardigan
Стильная и универсальная одежда – кардиган3
Whichever option cardigan you choose, it can be combined with any set of things. If desired, you can achieve the strict lines in clothing, but you can get the effect of slight negligence.

Cardigan not need to fasten all the buttons. It is enough to use just two or three of them, and the image will be free, but at the same time discreet.
To кардигану you can put on shoes as high-heeled shoes, and low go. Even athletic shoes look great with a cardigan.

Important point: wearing a cardigan, take care about accessories. Long beads, thin belt, light neck scarves, vintage brooches and even simple tape able to in a moment to refresh the usual thing and make your look more elegant.

What to wear a cardigan
Стильная и универсальная одежда – кардиган2
Possessor in good shape will look even more graceful in cardigan medium length, complemented by a light blouse and leggings.

Hide figure flaws will help cardigan fine dark fabric vertical striped.

Low girls become visually above using a shortened cardigan, complete with narrow trousers in tone and high boots on the heels.

Short dark cardigan can perfectly complement the little evening dress. If you Supplement outfit necklace or a pearl bracelet, you will get elegant and eye-catching dress, in which you can go to the restaurant, and in the theatre.

Article publication date: November 20, 2013

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