Стильные накидки для платьевThe most luxurious, elegant and beautiful Cape dress is the fur coats. This mini coat can beautify any outfit, giving it a special festive look. It is characterized by a trapezoidal silhouette with sleeves or slots for hands. Especially like the Cape brides who prefer Manto any other capes during the “winter” of marriage.

Extremely important to be mini-Cape dresses called boa. This is something like a wide scarf of fur and feathers. If you select this service, remember that it’s a rather original accessory than a thing that should warm the body, if you are wearing an open dress. Apart from the closed neck and shoulders you can hardly something to cover the throat. In the classic version boa should tie a bow at the neck silk or velvet bow. In fact, it looks like a decorative collar. However, modern fashion is not static: it is a new idea of wearing blouses – now it looks like this: free flip Boas over a base outfit over one shoulder.

Another type of capes, which you should pay attention – this tippet: practical, beautiful and fashionable. If you need to complement your evening dress, choose tippet organza, satin, silk or taffeta, and if you are looking for a Supplement for everyday wear, then the best option would be warm shawl or scarf that will become attractive and stylish solution.

Pay special attention to the colors of capes. Stylists recommend to evening gowns to choose capes, made in the same colour as the outfit. For less solemn occasions will suit a bright cloak, which would be beneficial to contrast with the main dress.

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