стильная одежда девушекStyle and fashion – concepts are not always running hand in hand. Not all want to be fashionable, but having its own style decorates any person. Stylish clothing – category incredibly extensible, because in this case everything is combined. Stylish clothes for girls diverse as much as diverse may be any detail. In the hands of a skilled master, who consciously chooses this or that thing under the other, the image will sparkle with new colors, which had previously been hidden for the faint indistinct combination.


Stylish dresses for any shape

More girls wearing dresses, preferring their pants. This tendency to develop creative Directors fashion houses, from season to season, offering new version. But there are models that exist outside of time and are suited to different types of shapes, for that love to girls.

Dress in retro any era are multiplying in wardrobes girls, especially creative, with a developed artistic flair. The fifties and sixties fit slim girls who do not mind to demonstrate their feet. Round collar, «Claudine» is peculiar style forties, and as adjacent silhouettes with slightly raised, puffed sleeves. To look stylish not necessarily combine retro dress with her hair, the same epoch or Supplement the image of the authentic accessories. One of the basic details is enough.

Dress-case – timeless classic which provides an excellent basis for the creation of hundreds of trendy image. Adjoining silhouette, indicated by the waist, knee length can easily be combined with the feminine business jacket, and with biker косухой with metal fittings and elegant палантином, carelessly наброшенным shoulders.

Stylish dresses for girls full? Of course this is the model with the smell, which were introduced in fashion Diane von Furstenberg in the seventies. This dress underlines the chest, drawing attention to it, and light draperies will hide what I would not like to show. Advantage of dresses with the smell is its versatility – it can be worn at work and outside of it, choosing a different degree of fit, combined with a miniature клатчем and hairpins to create the evening of the image.


Design of the bottom

Classic business slacks, as pencil skirt will be the basis to create interesting images. But don’t for a long time limited to this base, because the lower area of the body can be beautifully decorated self-stylish detail that attracts attention.

Skinny pants hardly ever cease to rush like no matter claimed their gradual withdrawal from the ranks of the topical items of clothing. Not necessarily acquire plain skinny, because from 2012 on the catwalks and in the streets are models with printed pattern, with graphic prints, floral patterns, combining them with laconic top.

Short pants many years are in fashion. Length 7/8, when the pants barely reach the ankles – a very stylish model, which is easy to combine both with sandals or boats on the high-heeled and flat ballet flats, Roman sandals or lacquered «оксфордами».

The pencil skirt over time, has undergone many changes, changing its color and design, until finally talo it is accepted everywhere wear original sophisticated models that are absolutely not similar to traditional business models. Choose the option for yourself, it may be a knee length skirt with a smell, with peplum with asymmetric cut, shape-up balloon, with several layers of frills. Of course, any of these skirts requires maximum restraint in the upper part of the body.

Long skirt is not always appropriate and of itself is not all. Unless this slim skirt flowing fabric with a printed floral pattern, which for many years did not go out of fashion. This skirt will be the best ally as thin and full of girls, and you can wear it as a strong-jacket and leather or denim косухой, with a short jacket, long spacious one-colored t-shirt adorned with a large pendant.

Shorts are not for everyone, but slender legs and a desire to stand out undoubted testimony to their acquisition. Summer shorts are worn with bare legs, autumn and winter they combine perfectly with the beautiful and thick tights boots flat shoes or shoes in men’s style.


Clearance top

Jacket is a compulsory element of stylish wardrobe for any girl, because with it you can create countless trendy combinations. Preferably choose a plain jacket of dark colours. It can be worn with jeans, business skirts and trousers, skinny models, dress-case, a dress with a smell, with colorful skirts, shorts.

Simple white shirt – another indispensable «resident» wardrobe stylish girl. You can wear at work and at leisure to leave long sleeves or carelessly throw them.

Turtleneck many call the outdated part of a fashionable image, which cannot be said about the other details of the fine knitwear, such as vests. This is a real hit already many seasons, it can also be combined with the different variants of a bottom, in addition, it hides the completeness and masks excessive leanness.

Vest – that is truly stylish thing, not mandatory, not the base, but incredibly bold and modern. Fur, jeans, leather vest or knitted easy to wear t-shirts with long sleeves.

How to find your style? What clothes should I use? How to wear thing, come down from the podium, as the image, offered a designer to display, in ordinary life is completely unacceptable? These and many other questions are girls who make first steps in building their style.

Find yourself in the madness of modern images really easy, but you should start with something simple, then a layering on the basis of individual items. In other words, you must choose a base closet, of course, as amended on the individual features of shape and personal taste.

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