стильные платья для полных женщинStylish dresses for women are far from baggy silhouettes, which seem to many of those who have never seen the variety of styles in the plus size category. Here a woman of any size can find a beautiful dress for any occasion, for work and for leisure. All the features characteristic of the stylish outfits to complete, you need to adapt and to dresses for special occasions, such as cocktail party, evening out, wedding. Carefully evaluate your figure and proceed to the selection of the most suitable dresses for her.


Dresses with the smell

стильные платья с запахом для полных женщинWhat is the difference of the dress with the smell from the rest? They are not as formal as dress case, there is no special solemnity inherent in secular dress. If necessary, you can pick up a wrap dress in any style – it is the opportunity to change, remaining essentially unchanged, and love it. For overweight women, this model is indispensable, because the wrap dress knee length covers the bosom, hides my stomach, not obliga it, and to disguise wide hips using a suitable light fabric with a print.

To wear wrap dress is recommended with high heels, combining it with cardigans with V-neck or classic long blazer. The classic dresses with the smell must be adjacent long sleeve, but you can choose a variety – from short to “bat” and long, extending to the wrist, as in the style of the 70s.



стильные платья трапеция для полных женщинDresses trapezoidal silhouette in your wardrobe can come to your aid when you find that you have a cocktail party to which you have nothing to wear. Trapezoidal silhouette dress length approximately to the knee, can start as standard waist line and the line under the breast. Full women should choose dresses trapezoid cut from thick materials so that it does not fit the problem areas.

If you have beautiful hands, are you not ashamed to show, you can choose a model with short sleeves and boat neck – a typical retro style of the sixties. If the hands I would like to hide, then at your disposal dresses, trapeze with ¾ sleeves and round cut throat. If you want to emphasize the authenticity of the style, you can pick up dress with turndown collar. To wear such a dress should definitely with shoes on high heel.


Printed dress-blende

стильные платья с принтом обманкой для полных женщинTo overestimate the effect these dresses impossible. They look funny from the side, and for larger women is a real find. You are free to choose for summer dresses printed pattern or a psychedelic print, but they have one difficulty. First, most of these dresses are good for an informal image, whereas for cocktail or evening dresses, they do not fit. On the other hand, instead of hide the completeness, these dresses can make you shapeless because of the visual effect of vagueness, which often produces prints. Output – using print-a trompe l’oeil dress in a certain design.

These dresses try on many celebrities that have a big build. They are completely black or dark coloured plain, in the middle goes wide vertical insertion of a print that captures the dress completely. Due to the fact that the bar catches your eye, creating the effect of slenderness, black color background, it is not as noticeable. Use this print for cocktail and evening dresses, if you have a wide waist, you can not delay corrective underwear and corset.


Chiffon print dresses

шифоновые платья с принтом для полныхIt is difficult to imagine dress for overweight women, which would have the same effect as chiffon model print. Chiffon dresses are delicately hides all figure flaws, even if they are not available, and adjoining silhouette. They solve the problem of many women who are struggling to pick an outfit for the summer. Under chiffon model print can imply and long sundress to the floor, and loose tunic with wide sleeves, and year model of the Empire style with a high waistline. Combine chiffon dresses recommended with summer footwear to go flat or small heel. If you want to give the image of femininity and rigor at the same time, choose a dress to the knee and wear it with sandals with heels.



стильные платья баллон для полных женщинDress balloon may be made from different fabrics: cotton, linen, viscose, polyester, lace, thin, pleasant to the body of the Jersey. Model cylinder requires proper framing of the middle part of the body from the waist to the edge of the skirt. Thanks to this model, women with a figure Apple can finally feel free, as they do not always feel in the models of the Greek and the Russian Empire style.

Due to the cut of the dress will not fit belly and even fit it, if the fabric is dense enough. It can be worn both to work and to do part of the weekend, combining with high heels and elegant flat clutch.

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