стильные трикотажные платьяSelection of stylish knitted dresses incredibly broad. Gone are the days when under a dress from Jersey was implied by the model-sweater, which from classic sweaters differed in length and more surrounding the cut. Today, knitted dresses variety of design, which can be as expressive decorative and elegantly modest. Stylish dress from Jersey can not only decorate the image and create a special mood, but also to transform the shape. This is another reason to buy such a model for themselves.


Stylish knitted dresses – what are they

The style is a concept, accommodating individual taste, look at the fashion and the ability to combine parts of the closet so that they meet the personal needs. Therefore, stylish dress from Jersey is not limited to the inclusion of some specific highlights in design, color or texture binding. It all depends on how a particular dress will sit on your figure and how it will fit into your own style and the case for which it is worn.

Of course, there have always been certain limitations in the definition of the boundary between style, good taste and bad manners in the way. Never wear dresses made of low-quality knitwear, which stretches, which has formed the pellets. Regardless of what it cost and how you dearly, this dress will not be able to decorate your way, and only spoil the impression of it.



Such models provide a field for experiments, where you can roam imagination combine with other things. Sleeveless dress adjoining silhouette of black, brown, grey colors to fit in with the style of the office worker, which requires moderation in decoration, but not denying the individuality. This dress can be round or V-neck, with stand-up collar or with high wrapped a collar that gently lifts the neck, clamp down on his chest. If you need knitted dress for work or universal model, which you will combine with other parts and to adjust to different styles, the best option is not to find.


Youth femininity

If the dress dropped down arms in the 80s, it can be worn over a thin turtleneck elegant shade that will not be a strong contrast with the color of the dress. If you have a slim figure, you can find stylish thin knitted dress that easily fits into draperies in the chest and waist, allowing to pick up his strap. This version is perfectly fits in the evening style, such dress is easy to put on a disco, supplementing it with the high heels and bright flat the clutch bag.

Boldly and fresh look thin knitted dress-mini or knee length with a very wide throat cut-boat, which allows exposing one shoulder. It is suitable for early autumn or cool summer, looks very stylish in a company with high boots on sustainable shoes, gloves and flat bag with a long handle. Such models are well combined with a belt or a long string of beads.


Long knitted dresses – minimalist style and comfort

Increasingly, designers refuse unnecessary decoration in dresses, preferring them to elegant simplicity of a cut. Incredibly stylish, feminine, laconic and trendy look of the dress uniform colour, mostly muted shades that completely cover his feet. These dresses are able to sit perfectly on any shape, concealing flaws in its fullness, and adding a little volume, if required. It is important to choose the model that does not look baggy, and to choose the details that emphasize particularly your style and shape. This dress could be long, short sleeve until the middle of the shoulder, with a collar-collar, with wide or miniature throat cut.

The advantage of these knitted dresses that it allows one to avoid overload of the image, which is suited to the connoisseurs of the laconicism style. So in this dress look fashionable, it does not even need to decorate strap or pendant, it looks quite self-sufficient. Long smooth knitted dresses beautifully with caps, creating stylish autumn image. Bag along better to pick a not too big and baggy. If you wear this dress flat shoes-sneakers, you will create acute stylish way, which will not go unnoticed.

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