If you have a solemn event, and the money or time to hike in the beauty salon, you own to create a unique manicure at home. You can do the usual cut-off manicure or French, however, using your imagination, you can create a real masterpiece. Here are a few simple options:
Стильный маникюр дома: дешево и креативно4
1.Manicure using conventional adhesive tape. This type of manicure coverage will be a great addition image on any holiday. Apply the first layer of solid lacquer when it dries, the top will need to glue small pieces of Scotch tape, put one of them geometric shapes, stripes, herringbone, and more, then apply a coat of bright paint and allow to dry, you can combine several colors.
Стильный маникюр дома: дешево и креативно3
2. Not less extravagant type of manicure is perfect for retro-image: need bright varnish(preferably white), transparent fixing varnish, black and white newspaper and alcohol, or any liquid containing alcohol. You must cover the nails with a white lacquer finish in one even layer, after complete drying to the nails is a small piece of newspaper, printed text down. The paper should be moistened with alcohol. After removal of the newspaper remains an interesting print with letters, after drying manicure is covered with a layer of transparent varnish.
Стильный маникюр дома: дешево и креативно2
3. Another type of manicure that doesn’t require much effort – manicure with the effect of cracking. To create a special paint craquelure. Lacquers of this type are lines of different companies from budget to professional. in addition to the paint craquelure, undertakes regular lacquer contrasting color. After drawing in 1-2 coats of regular nail Polish and it dries one thick layer is applied craquelure, the top is covered with fixer.
Стильный маникюр дома: дешево и креативно
You can also decorate your nails with rhinestones, micro beads, to draw a picture with a needle or acrylic paints. Options a lot, the main thing – do not be afraid to experiment.

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