Skin care hands, rehabilitation and strengthening of the nail plate, creating the image of an elegant woman – these and many other goals can be achieved using the technology of Japanese manicure. For the procedures used pearl chips, tea tree oil, silk bags, wooden sticks and beeswax. It is strictly forbidden to use chemical substances and metal tools.
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The interior nail salon should also have a relaxation, to relieve stress and tension. This requires not only comfortable furniture and the right lighting, but also recommended to buy rare and exotic plants. Here you can go for large instances, as well as orchids and camellias, which will transmit Asian style, to create a mood and to regulate the humidity in the room.
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The procedure of Japanese manicure begins with a softening hands. To do this, use a warm bath, in which the hands are immersed for 5 to 7 minutes. After that, the cuticle is applied pearl scrub with extracts of Lotus or seaweed. The cuticle is better to make sticks of orange tree. The next step is to strengthen the nail plate, which is rubbed special paste that contains pearl powder and quartz. Possible irregularities should be sanded nail file from calf leather. The last stage is the post, for which using a special powder and beeswax on the nail is coated with the protective coating.
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During the procedure, the Japanese eco manicure requires constant moisturizing hand and nail plate. These are ylang-ylang, coconut or almond oil. Well hydrate well as tea tree oil and jojoba. Completes the procedure hot massage silk cushions and bags with salt and herbs.

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