Sneakers from Isabelle marrante Park, appeared in the world of fashion industry in 2011, made an unprecedented sensation. In what of their difference from ordinary shoes? Combining the sports quality and elegant design, sneakers, wedges won the love of many fashionistas from all over the world. It is known that Isabelle marrante Park since childhood learnt the basics of hand made, so creative approach to creativity and the ability to combine seemingly inappropriate items, helped Parisian designer to create a successful line of shoes.

Sneakers Isabel Marant on the platform: from the podium to the streets

Sneakers Isabel Marant, you can buy here so hurry up to buy fashionable attribute from the talented French. With them, you can stay trendy and sports. Made of genuine leather sneakers have a smooth tongue and practical block.
С чем носить сникерсы?1
What to wear sneakers?

Shoes from Isabelle marrante Park attracted not only fashionable women, but many celebrities, and all thanks to their versatility. These sneakers on the platform most often combine with jeans, rarely with skirts and dresses. Often wear them with leggings, jackets and jackets, casual style.

The only thing, is not recommended to wear Isabel Marant sneakers, so it is with business suits and long skirts. Although many extravagant ladies large cities have long been forgotten about all these fashion conditionality, successfully combining sports items with the strict clothing.

Mud and puddles not afraid of sneakers from Isabel Marant, so feel free to wear them in the cloudy weather. In this case, as with any other shoes, sneakers in need of care.
С чем носить сникерсы?3
Despite the fact that the sneakers Isabel Marant is not the first season are symbols of street fashion, this Shoe is not submit its positions, winning new fans. So we can safely say that the sneakers are the most popular sneakers, made up of Parisian podiums.

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