подкожные прыщи на лицеSubcutaneous pimples on the face – this is not just another disorder of the skin, which delivers complexes. Unlike Mature acne, subcutaneous can be very painful, but to get rid of them is not so simple. Small or large, they are difficult to disguise, and given the pain and long-term period of getting rid of this problem, small rash or large tubercles become a true torment. Many struggle with them ends in a vicious circle, out of which is not expected. But to get rid of skin disease can be, and have to connect work immediately on several fronts.


Problematic rash

Under the skin occur as large blackheads and small pimples. Large, which is especially painful, and they are formed in the core of the chin and on the sides of the cheeks below. Small white subcutaneous pimples on the face are formed mainly on the cheeks and forehead.

As with the disease of acne in adolescence, which is associated with dotted inflamed pustular face with an uneven skin turgor and redness, subcutaneous pimples are caused by similar reasons. The main difference between them is that these pimples you can’t just squeeze, how can I do this with pustules or comedones (pores, clogged black heads). These formations are under the skin and do not have open heads. Of course, you can try effort of will-power and sleight of hand to squeeze the accumulated pus out, but, first, it is very painful, and secondly, the inflammation will only increase, and the pimple likely will not burst.


The mechanism of formation of

Subcutaneous pimples are formed in connection with impaired outflow of sebum, which causes, in turn, the blockage of the sebaceous duct. Having no outlet, the fat accumulates under the skin, disturbed microflora exacerbates the situation because of the bacteria starts the inflammatory process that occurs all in the same place – under the skin. And the difficulty is that to stop his usual way, that is, in reviewing the hygienic requirements, starting to use a good cleanser, it is almost impossible. Regular skin cleansing is necessary and strongly recommended, but this will not be enough.

To cure pimples under the skin and to take all measures to prevent them in the future, it is necessary to accurately determine the causes of their formation, eliminating all causing their factors.


Subcutaneous pimples on face: causes

Almost always subcutaneous pimples are formed from a complex of reasons, and not because of one factor. As in the case of acne, oily and combination skin with an increased excretion of fat is a fertile ground for the formation of subcutaneous acne and minor rashes. Poor hygiene, constant touching of the face, sleeping face in the pillow, greasy strands of hair, annoying forehead and cheeks, also not the best way affect the condition of the skin, causing the accumulation of microorganisms, increasing the oiliness, irritating the skin mechanically. But there are other reasons, a more global level, the health of the whole organism.

Hormonal imbalance is one of them. It’s no secret that acne suffer mostly teenagers experiencing normal for this age period hormonal boom, but not only. Often beauticians that are accessed by women with painful subcutaneous nodules on the contour of the lower jaw, sending them straight to the gynecologist to check the condition of the reproductive system. And you are right, because in the survey often found in inflammatory diseases of the ovaries and polycystic. This means that you need to immediately begin to treat diseases, eliminating which is easier to deal with skin problems to which it was involved.

Another common cause of skin and acne – diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, most commonly at the level of the liver and intestines. People leading unhealthy lifestyles, abuse of heavy food, suffering from constipation and other problems with a chair, rarely have beautiful healthy skin. Inflamed subcutaneous acne are often the consequence scored toxins in the intestines, which needs cleansing and maintenance of the normal microflora. A visit to the gastroenterologist will allow you to determine whether you have this problem, and through the gastro-intestinal tract, you will notice that cleansed face.

Among other reasons for the appearance of subcutaneous acne: the effect of ultraviolet radiation (open sun or Solarium), stress, improper nutrition deficiency vitamin for skin and lots of junk food, Smoking, as well as mechanical irritation of the skin of the hands. Subcutaneous pimples, especially small, useimage face rash can talk about the General poor immunity, for example, if they are amplified due to colds. This suggests that in parallel with the solution of problems, you need to devote time and increase immune protection.


Subcutaneous pimples on face: treatment

If you are in the stage of solving internal problems of the body, contributing to the appearance of subcutaneous pimples, start a serious fight them from the outside. First, you need to acquire a range of cosmetics for skin care: cleansing, moisturizing, preferably with antibacterial additives.

If subcutaneous pimples combined with greasy skin at a young age, you will need a specialized cosmetic series for oily and combination skin problems. In adulthood it is important not to overdry the skin antibacterial additives and to focus on cosmetics for sensitive skin. In the treatment of subcutaneous pimples should prefer cosmetics drugstore brands. Good line release brand’avene, La Roche-Posay, Uriage, Vichy.

Targeted treatment available for skin subcutaneous nodules should be treated by medical creams local actions – they are applied, as a rule, directly on the ground, penetrating beneath the skin, relieving inflammation. These tools include ointments and creams Differin, Sonoran, Zineryt, Azelic, Kotlan, Baziron. They docked bacteria, relieve redness, stop the inflammatory process, enhancing the healing process of the skin, softening and soothing her. Some tools can be applied directly under the cosmetics, while others require a separate application, for example, in the evening, to act during the night.

If you go through a course of treatment of subcutaneous pimples, you should reconsider your makeup case on the subject of the presence of potential instigators of infection – old tonal creams, powders. Get rid of care and decorative cosmetics, in which is accumulated the infection, change the sponges and brushes, strengthen hygiene measures for their face. Watch hands do not support your fist person sitting at the table, do not sleep face in the pillow, and often change pillowcases.

The main thing – do not attempt to squeeze or puncture the skin acne needle, to make it easier to open them. So you will bring in infection and intensify the inflammatory process and will delay the healing process. Go to a beautician or dermatologist who will prescribe you treatment ointment and recommend the most appropriate for your case hardware procedure. This may be ultrasonic or laser facial treatment or ozone therapy.

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