замшевые клатчи GivenchySuede clutches have always been luxurious accessories and this season suede is one of the main trends: bags, shoes and other accessories from this material are present in almost any fashion collection.


The emphasis on femininity

All the fashion experts unanimously recognize that the novelties in the world of fashion today are particularly femininity and sophistication. Therefore, when choosing such an important accessory as a handbag, it is necessary to abandon bulky and cumbersome models, preferring petite and refined variants. Image, supplemented suede shoes and clutch, automatically becomes trendy.


Interesting models

Suede clutches presents a wide variety of models. In the sale you can find clutch bags with zip and magnetic buttons, in the form of envelopes, with whimsical touches of fur and leather. Asymmetry as a fairly common phenomenon in the fashion world and finds its embodiment in small bags, which sometimes have unexpected and very original shape and design. In models of suede to finish traditionally used stones, crystals, beads and decorative elements: tassels, turndown details, metal plates. Especially spectacular suede clutch in combination with shoes of the same material, and if will be the same and finish, the image will be complete, coherent and respectable.


Color choices

Colors suede clutch can be any on this work every day designers. But such a whimsical and delicate material like suede, dictates harsh conditions. We are talking about porosity suede, its high exposure to various kinds of pollution and complexity of their elimination. This is especially important given the fact that the clutch often do not have the long strap to be worn on the shoulder and is in the hands of the mistress. So if possible, you should choose suede clutches saturated colors, which is much less visible different stains and dust. Color also matters: the lighter, the more careful and more careful you need to treat handbag.
White or beige suede clutch will perfectly complement a smart way for celebration, but for everyday heavy use is unlikely to fit. Black suede clutch is a classic option that is particularly practical.


Proper care of suede clutch

Cleaning and caring for suede items requires a thorough professional approach. The fact that the initiative in this regard, it may detrimental effect on the product and make it unfit for further use. So no dry crusts of black bread, which can be advised to clean the mothers and grandmothers, can not be and speeches. You only need to use special tools for suede: spray and sponge with the necessary fraction of cleaning the surface.

Suede clutch in new season belongs to the category of accessories that must be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Successful models will allow you to create a light, feminine and romantic look that will be the admiration of others.

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