летние платья для полных женщинSummer is the time of exposure not only on the beach. Entire wardrobe change, we open the hands, feet, putting them to the sun’s rays. But not all, of this period is good, because for those who have figure is far from the model standards, updating your wardrobe for the summer can turn into a real stress. Summer dress for fat womenif they are implemented correctly, with and fashion trends, and characteristics of the shape will become your favorite things for any occasion. You will not be able to resist their magic, no matter whether it is a simple casual dress or a model for a fun party.


Chiffon dresses

летние шифоновые платья для полных женщинCertainly no girlfriend, does not have summer dresses of chiffon, the more such models is recommended as the base for a summer full of fashionistas. If girls with shapely forms can be worn plain, light, neutral and vibrant chiffon dresses, for those who have a full figure, it is better to give preference to dresses with prints.

Cut it can be any, with open hands, or in the style summer tunic with wide sleeves half-mast, with wide straps or with American armhole. Length optional: slim legs will require dresses to the knee, if here is the problem, it is better to choose chiffon full length dress that looks great complete with sandals or open Roman sandals Gladiator.


Tulle dresses

летние тюлевые платья для полных женщинLace material similar to chiffon, but softer, and looks much more luxurious, so it is well suited as a basis for skirts summer dresses for overweight women who is going to the exit. The tulle skirt that starts from the standard waistline reminiscent of a classic Princess dress. If you are interested in more original solutions, choose a dress where the lace fabric is not the basis, and an additional element of the dress, sewn from different fabrics.

If you prefer a sophisticated cut and nontrivial solutions, you may go for lace Cape top with a short skirt, which makes a simple cocktail dresses model high-low, gently covering his feet.


Dresses with the smell

летние платья с запахом для полных женщинWhat dress to choose for summer full woman if she prefers elegant understated style and is not eager to dress in tulle and chiffon skirt? Of course, this wrap dress. It has a V-neck, long, short, or very short sleeves, length approximately to the knee. This basic cut of the dress with the smell of perfectly draws the female figure, making the Breasts and hips smaller waist thinner.

Monochrome wrap dress can be worn as a business model to work, because it looks great by itself, or bundled with a simple form-fitting jacket. Dresses with floral smell with a trendy geometric pattern or print can be worn as a casual, and also the excellent suffers blazers, jackets and, of course, the classic female form-fitting coats and trench coats.


Dresses in the Greek style

летние платья в греческом стиле для полных женщинGreek style dresses can be considered universal for the summer because it is suitable both for output and for everyday wear. White or black dress in the Greek style with soft fabrics on your stomach, with a high waistline under the bust in the style of dresses the Empire and dropped down on the forearm sleeves – this is a lovely fashionable evening dress for any age. It should only change about this dress is the single colour print on any configuration, it is instantly transformed, and you will be able to wear it in the summer, combining open sandals with interesting and stylish bags with fringe.


Dress balloon

летние платья баллон для полных женщинDress balloon – controversial and sophisticated silhouette, as girls with slender forms. For those whose figure is far from perfect, and who have no ability to wear adjacent forms, it is one of the favourite models of dresses not only for summer but also for various occasions for every season.

Dress the balloon may be both long and short. Its main feature is the shape of a round bowl or an elongated cylinder, which is formed due to the presence of a marked waistline and a narrowing of the edge of the dress. if the waist is it’s standard, such dress helps to hide the hips and buttocks, but you can find fancy dress balloon slightly inflated or not tight-fitting waist area, and then can easily hide full stomach.


Striped dresses

летние полосатые платья для полных женщинDress stripe associated with summer, sea and carefree style, and striped tops. In addition, the strip has become an essential fashion print for any spring-summer season. For the fuller figure it is recommended to select a longitudinal strip, which stretches the silhouette, but this is not required.

Modern fashionable striped dress are incredibly diverse in terms of the figure, and the strip can be multicolor, transverse, diagonal or mixed – and each of them is able to provide a full body best, regardless of length.

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