летние туникиWithout Tunick is not one fashion season is so firmly established this blouse in the list of needed items. Tunic for the summer extraordinarily diverse in its style, materials, expressive decor. Which do you prefer – a strict white shirt tunic with waist under the breast or free blouse with rich embroidery on the edge? Where are you going to wear summer tunic: at work, walking, meeting with friends, the beach? A huge number of options.

The variety of designs allows every woman to find exactly the tunic that suits its style and figure to match her those things that she normally wears.


Essential details for the warm season

Women’s summer tunic must meet certain requirements, they are mainly related with temperature characteristics. Considering the case for which sold tunic, before you buy you need to ask the material from which it is made, as well as to Refine the recommendations for the proper care of cloth. In the summer, when the clothes of inhabitants of megacities urban dust settles, and permeates the fabric sweat, tunic might have frequent washing. You need to ensure that the fabric is not stretches, will not sit down and will not polinal.

This is important because of the large number of budget tunics that before the beginning of the hot season flooded shopping centers. They are available, but their quality is often frustrating, and one tunic may not survive the summer. Try not to get models from openly cheap synthetics – tunic market not paint even the most attractive body.


Chiffon tunics – ease and lightness

The chiffon is one of the most popular materials for summer collections that are well visible by a huge number of summer dresses and blouses. The tunic is made of chiffon has many advantages compared to the other: it is practically not felt on the body due to the extraordinary lightness of the material, chiffon with the inclusion of polyester has excellent resistance to wear and everyday care. And plain and colourful patterned tunic chiffon are great women of different stature. The secret is in the texture of the fabric. Chiffon has ease and transparency with which even heavily draped tunic not weight silhouette. Chiffon tunics can be very large, dynamic, therefore, in a couple of them should choose the bottom of adjoining silhouette, not to look like a shapeless bag and not to get in the folds of her dress.


Linen tunic – freaks of nature

Flax more capricious than chiffon, but the tunic of this natural material – choice those who prefers restraint and classical summer images without a hint of frivolous waving folds. Linen tunic summer wear with spacious trousers, breeches and shorts or same color, but one of the parts make bright.

Natural linen fabric shrinks in the wash, easy to crumple quickly absorb moisture and long dries up. This should be kept in mind before buying a linen tunic, especially if you lead an active lifestyle and are prone to intensive sweating. If you do not want to get into an awkward situation, and a tunic of linen want to buy, pay attention to the dark tones.


Cotton tunic – the merger of East and West

The tunic is made of cotton can be thin or thick, any design and cut. Summer is traditionally very popular cotton tunic in ethnic style, with long or three quarter sleeves, with ornamental decoration throat cut, rounded or sharp V-shaped. No less loved girls of cotton tunic different colors of jatuh fabrics – they allow to forget about the Ironing and not to worry that my favorite blouse is creased. And cotton, and linen tunic in an authentic style with Oriental patterns and embroidery, can be combined with decorations in a similar theme – wooden or jewelry, depending on the style tunic.


Silk tunic – year-old luxury

Summer dress tunics made of silk is not daily, but the output option as replacing the usual dress. Natural silk perfectly cool in the heat, and silk tunic long sleeve can be worn for evening activities that require refinement and selectivity of style. Combine tunics made of silk with mini-skirts or shorts, and with a tight leggings, complementing the way concise shoes-boats on a high platform with the inevitable sharp heel stiletto.


Openwork jacket – seductive exposure

Azhur, lace, perforation – all style, which is the mapping of femininity and sexuality, which is not obvious, and mysterious. Extra long lace tunic white or bright colors can be worn on the beach, putting the top on a swimsuit. Lace tunic blouses will complement romantic or shaded brutal rock style. In the first case tunic can be worn opaque Mike skin colors, the second – visible under a Agur bra or halter top, top cover leather jackets. Careless leather shoes with metal rivets, for example, boots flat shoes or wedge will knock romantic flair long openwork jacket, knitted vintage.


Tunic-style Safari maximum comfort

Tunics-Safari remind dress-shirts in the same style, but unlike them have a smoother texture and light fabrics. Such tunic perfectly complement the own Safari style trousers, short shorts, breeches or skirt hacks, beige, olive shades. Tunic-Safari can be translucent, the lower part should be brushed by contrast with her. If tunic long, it can be left as the main character in “the face” of the image, but the waist in this case, one should define the thin strap or braided leather belt brown, letting it hang down deliberately by the “tail” or gravely negligent site. Tunic-Safari looks good with sandals on a cork platform.

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