насколько опасен загарIt’s no secret that direct sunlight on the skin leads to physiological changes in a person’s appearance, the sun often provokes the earlier onset of wrinkles, age spots, freckles and changes in skin texture. To ensure that the tan is not brought negative impacts and preserved as long as possible, you should adhere to certain rules concerning care and protection of the skin.



Going to the beach or the outdoor pool, treat your skin with scrubs, this way you will eliminate the skin from the top layer of dead skin cells, remove excess oil and dirt, eventually the sunburn will lay down more evenly and will last longer. For this kind of purification is not necessary to use expensive creams – exfoliants, try making a scrub at home using simple and available ingredients, such as sugar, oatmeal or coffee.



Some fans natural tan believe that sunscreens reduce the intensity of the sun and do not allow to get the desired skin tone. Actually, it is not so. Sun protection filter (SPF) allows you to stay in the sun longer without an additional claim for healthy skin. Sunscreens with a high rate provide adequate protection from ultraviolet radiation type B (UVB), but for rays type a (UVA) these filters are much of a threat do not represent. Of course, people with fair skin effect of low content of melanin in the skin more susceptible to sunburn than people with darker skin, however this does not mean that for dark skin the sun is perfectly safe.

Sunscreen with the lens in units of 15 (SPF 15) should be applied 30 minutes before you get in the sun, then every 15-30 minutes the cream should be applied repeatedly in the case if you spend much time in the water.


Do not overdo it with the sun!

If you want to have a beautiful and even complexion tanned skin should not be spending the whole day in the sun, sunbathe dosed. The day, of course, it is possible to sunbathe, but soon mercilessly burnt by the sun skin just blister and brown the tan will turn into something spotty. If you have light skin or you tan the first time in a year, spend under the sun, so the body can produce adequate amount of melanin and the next tanning session will be accompanied by much less stress for the skin.


Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and too susceptible to the effects of ultraviolet light, the eyes also suffer greatly from the sun, so to reduce the risk of wrinkles around the eye and development of cataracts or macular degeneration, be sure to wear sunglasses with the proper protection. For beach it is better to choose glasses in a wide frame with well attached handles, to block the ultraviolet light from different angles. On the beach can not do without a wide-brimmed hat, it is not only good for your hair and skin, but also looks incredibly stylish. If you don’t go a hat with a brim, try a baseball cap, it is desirable that it was extended back to protect the neck from the sun.


Types of tanning

  • Tan from spray

This method is chosen by those who wish to get safe and quick results in short time. The procedure is performed in salons and solariums, master covers the body with a solution of diaccialone from a special dispenser. Dihydroxyacetone derived from sugar cane. Reacts with amino acids in human skin, this substance causes a darkening of the skin, i.e. the skin takes on a tan color. This tan is completely safe, it leaves no burns or irritate the skin. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes, the coating solution is given 10-15 minutes, the rest of the time is devoted to the solution was dried up and there was the expected result.

Within 8 hours after the procedure it is not recommended to shower or bathe in a tub, the result is saved within a week, sometimes longer, depending on the characteristics of the skin.

  • Creams and lotions for sunburn

In lotions for tanning the main active component is the same dihydroxyacetone and it operates on a similar principle, the only difference is in the consistency of the means and the method of its application. Such methods of tanning require pre-cleanse the skin from dirt and dead cells, so before you put on the body of the vehicle for artificial tanning, the skin should be thoroughly treated with a scrub.

Bronzers do not provide long-term tanning, the result is stored during the day, but usually disappears after you took a shower. Modern bronzers presented in a variety of forms and powdersand gels, and sprays. For maximum effect, you can choose bronzer in accordance with the natural tone of the skin to fake tan won’t look so grossly and deliberately and bronzers combine with other agents for tanning.

  • The tanning

The Solarium is especially loved by those who love to sunbathe all year round, it is not necessary to go in winter or autumn at expensive resorts. Looks like the Solarium, I guess you know all, even those who have never tanned in this way. Ultraviolet light is delivered to the skin using a lamp supplying radiation of both types, A and B. the Sunroom can be vertical and horizontal, the latter somewhat similar to showers. Single session tanning should not take more than 20 minutes, in addition to tanning in a Solarium is not recommended several times a day, are recommended to visit a Solarium once a day, but preferably once in two days.

Solarium is quite effective and quick way to get a beautiful tan, but unfortunately, completely safe it will not name. Uncontrolled passion for tanning may result in ultraviolet burns and provoke the development of skin cancers.

  • Pills for tanning

Pills for tanning allow you to achieve the desired skin tone, working from the inside of our body. These drugs are certainly not the most popular way to tan, but this method also has its fans. Pills for tanning contain canthaxanthin, a substance that is found in animal and vegetable organisms. This component is able to change the color of the skin, giving it an orange or brown tint. Canthaxanthin easily dissolves in fat in the subcutaneous fat, and that is the effect of changing the color of the top layer of skin cells. In fact canthaxanthin are not approved by reputable health authorities and quality control of drugs as a substance for artificial tanning, but sale tablets for artificial tanning is quite legitimate. If you choose this method of tanning, be sure to follow the dosage.

Fake tan is not recommended for people suffering from eczema and other skin diseases. Inflamed and irritated skin can in unexpected ways to respond to chemical components of artificial tanning. Most of these tools is quite safe for the skin, but, having made the decision to use a particular method of tanning, be sure to consider individual characteristics of the organism.

Beautiful tanned skin, usually associated with youth, health and sexual attractiveness. Fans of tan in all its varieties, far more than his opponents, and this is not surprising. Who wouldn’t want to look sexy and seductive? About the harmful effects of UV on our skin says a lot, but people continue to sunbathe and hardly ever drop this class.

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