сарафаны 2014In the summer of 2014 in fashion again tunics, practical and comfortable outfit. Designers offer a variety of concept, so you can choose a dress that is suitable to the types of shapes and proportions, hiding flaws, stressing the advantages and follow the fashion trends.


Tips for choosing a summer fashion dress

Current trends suggest a model with longitudinal prints, extra long cut neckline. Such a purchase would be optimal if a woman wants visually lengthen the figure. Stylists recommend to choose such tunics in the summer of 2014 ladies low growth.

The Gucci fashion House, Nina Ricci and others offer options Sarafanov pleated fabrics. Such decision allows to cover a number of shortcomings, such as protruding stomach, brightly expressed his waist.

In the fashion of a loose fit, abundance of decorative details. It is recommended to choose sundresses, paying attention to the peculiarities of cut and which items on the merits of the figure. For example, women with puffy breast is best to buy a dress with a low neckline, but it is better to refuse from mini to avoid overshooting.

The catwalk demonstrated sundresses 2014 different lengths: mini, MIDI, Maxi. Going to make a purchase, it is best to start from the proportions of the feet. If they are slim and narrow ankles, mini acceptable.


Sundresses for the summer of 2014 king size

Women in the body it is very difficult to find a harmonious outfit, and sundresses is no exception, as it is assumed that these summer is quite open.

Classics are back in style: solid tunics, extra long fitted styles, but from models with a large figure it is better to refuse or to choose to such a strict dress classic decoration.


The emphasis on color

Fashion trends always dictate and colors. The colour of the dress can either give the figure a gentle feminine shape or distort silhouette, which is unacceptable.

Since summer of 2014 fashion brands offer not limit itself to the choice of color, build better on specifics of the Constitution.

  • Pastel is a choice slim girls, but more cold and dark shades Sarafanov will look great on the shape of the big sizes.
  • Prints is another opportunity to create a unique image. Michael Kors, Versace, Miu Miu offer bright and large prints, but they are mainly represented in models Maxi dresses. If a woman is “king size”, stylists recommend opt for not less fashionable vertical prints or, alternatively, coupon fabrics with fine gasket, not distorting silhouette.
  • “Color blocking” is also relevant, as few seasons ago. It tunics, a blend fabrics with diametrically opposite colors. Caution – that’s the main thing when buying such a dress, because this may cause distortion and visual increase of one body relative to another.

Experts advised to choose sundresses for the summer, drawing on his own color type:

  • Summer: eye color-grey, brown, green, light skin and light hair. Recommended color: grey, blue, green, delicate pink.
  • Winter: eye color is dark skin light pink, hair – dark shades. Recommended color: grey, violet, blue.
  • Autumn: eye color is dark green, dark grey, dark brown skin and dark hair. Recommended color: olive, orange, brown colors.
  • Spring: eye color is blue and green, leather – pink, hair – light. Recommended color: pastel shades.


Fashionable styles and silhouettes Sarafanov in 2014

Studying trends in the field Sarafanov, we can say that they have remained the same, and new collections from the most famous designers serve as confirmation of this:

  • Dress-case – lightweight outfit for work everyday. Sundresses this type of simple and strict without excessive decor, universal in the toe, suitable for women with different complexion.
  • Pinafore in the Empire style. Such summer dresses for the summer of 2014 emphasize the beauty of the chest, and from the waist go soft folds. A good opportunity to place emphasis on the virtues of shapes and hide defects.
  • Dress-gown with the smell or buttoned – democratic fashion solution for each day.
  • Dress-shirt continues to be the height of fashion, as suitable for women at any age, and it can easily be combined with leggings and jeans.

When choosing the dress just need to explore features cut to avoid the error:

  • Fitted summer dresses – women’s choices with good proportions of figures and expressed splendor thighs.
  • Cutting tunics on the waist correct figure in the abdomen.
  • Dress straight cut average length appears repeatedly in fashion shows by the summer of 2014, it is universal, however, if the length is too short, then the ladies with lush hips better to abandon it.
  • Single cut sundresses is possible to buy the girls with a perfect figure, though it is “fashion”. They did not hide the fact shortcomings, increasing visually the volumes.

By following these tips, you can choose not just a fashionable dress in the summer of 2014, but a decent outfit, hiding lacks flattering.

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