солнцезащитные очки осень зима 2014 2015Today, hardly anyone will say that fashion sunglasses is actual only in the hot and Sunny time of the year. This iconic accessory can be worn all year round and even the time of day is not decisive. Nowadays favorite pair of glasses can be worn day and evening, the main thing – it is a form that is suitable to the features of the face, and according to modern trends. What sunglasses fall-winter 2014-2015 offer to try on designers?

Today, sunglasses are one of the main parts of the image, invariably attracts the attention of others. Choosing fashionable sunglasses, pay special attention to the form, structure and color. Lens color can be any, but if you want to follow the trend, rim should definitely match the latest fashion trends.


Fashionable shape rimless sunglasses season 2014-2015

In the autumn of this year in trend sunglasses mixed geometric shapes: rectangular, square, rectangular, triangular, rounded-oval, and so forth.

Each of us there are days when I want to hide from the world, but being alone can only hide from everyone in your own home. This is a luxury not all and not always available, in such cases, without dark sunglasses simply can not do. Large rim cover almost the entire face, providing some protection and detachment from all things, from which I would like to ignore.

A special place in the fashion collections of sunglasses this season is occupied by “cat’s eye”. This form is suited to almost any face shape and hair color, in a sense, this model can be considered universal. This model will perfectly complement any fall way and will protect the eyes from the glowing morning sun.

Seemingly fashionable recently, the model points “Aviator”in the past, and its place was occupied by no less successful trend forms, but well-known designers and trendsetters again and again return to the good old “aviators”. However, modern aviators appear to be somewhat different, classic metal frame has given way to trendy plastic.


Lenses what color is relevant in this season

Classic sunglasses with black lenses should be everyone who considers himself to be a stylish person.

Fashion trend of dark color in a lighter tone now quite popular in the fashion world, in the field of hair coloring and nail design, now the current trend of “Ombre” appeared in the collections of sunglasses. Smoky sunglasses won the hearts of many fashionistas, wearing glasses any woman can look elegant and mysterious.

Translucent glass bright colors – trendy and stylish solution for those who like to wear sunglasses day and night.

Glasses with clear glass is another trend of the season autumn – winter. Narrow or wide the frame is not important, glasses should look like “to view.”


Fashionable frames autumn-winter 2014-2015

This season the color of the lenses and eyeglasses shape plays no less important than the color of the rim. Designers offer to combine frames with dark colors or translucent smoky glass.

Special chic – thick plastic framed glasses, sometimes decorated with further details. Designers Kenzo is recommended to pay special attention to the combination of textures, especially the fashion is a combination of metal and plastic.

солнцезащитные очки осень зима 2014 2015 Chanel


The original design of sunglasses for the season autumn-winter offer in Chanel. This time the famous brand decided to pay my respects to the noble tweed and as decoration for glasses used this soft fabric.

солнцезащитные очки осень зима 2014 2015 Chanel


Sunglasses from the sun has long since ceased to act solely as a beach accessory, today fashion sunglasses absolute must have for anyone interested in fashion and try to look stylish and interesting. Paying attention to the trends and going to the store for a new pair of glasses, do not settle for the first option, try, experiment and you will find something that will suit you.

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