БАДы для набора весаSometimes exercises alone is not enough to increase muscle mass. In such situations, the best solution seems Supplements for weight gain – vitamin-protein complexes that contribute to the buildup of body weight. But how secure are these dietary supplements and how reasonable their use for weight gain?


Welcome kilograms

Fashion to figure is constantly changing. It seems that recently in trend were thin asthenic girls, and today are considered the most attractive women with strong muscles and spectacular forms. When this layer of fat is declared fashionable figures outside the law: only the trained muscles, only muscle mass.

Many are convinced that fashionable sports figures are not only attractive, but also show good health. But this is not true: the sport is essential to the health only in limited doses, if we devote to the training day long, it does not necessarily go to the body. Therefore, it is better to play sports without fanaticism. Even more questionable from the point of view of health are considered different supplements that sports the girls take to build muscle.


Fat or muscle?

Add weight by fat or muscle. Some “popular” ways of weight gain – for example, beer with sour cream – contribute to the set of adipose tissue. In addition, effective for the weight gain may be different herbal remedies that increase appetite. For example, decoctions bird Highlander and wormwood, thyme and mint.

Sometimes low weight may be associated with the fact that the food is not well digested. In such a situation come to the aid of vitamins of group B. Proven recipe for weight gain – brewer’s yeast. Today you can buy them at the pharmacy. At the same time such additives improve the condition of skin, nails and hair.

Modern drugs for athletes protein-based, on the contrary, help to build muscle. But it is impossible to increase muscle volume, only taking such Supplements are also needed regular classes, strength training. Only if you combine the intake of such supplements with sports, you can get the desired result.


Proteins and vitamins

The most popular among athletes, protein shakes and weight gainers (additive combining protein and slow carbs). In combination with sports such drugs help build muscle mass. But to abuse in sports nutrition, excess protein can be dangerous to the cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver. Therefore, before applying cocktails, you must carefully consider all contraindications to their use.

Creatine is a Supplement (most often in the form of drinks or bars), which not only help build muscle, but also provide energy, improve endurance, help to cope with heavy loads. Typically, the composition of such additives include various vitamins with anabolic properties.

For example, it helps to increase the number of Pantothenic acid. This vitamin improves the absorption of nutrients from food. Well established and carnitine chloride. This substance also improves the absorption of nutrients, and in addition, promotes muscle growth. Some pharmaceutical drugs for liver affect protein metabolism that are loved by many bodybuilders.

Be aware that vitamin supplements and pharmaceutical drugs can be unsafe if they consume unhealthy people, or if they are used incorrectly. Before using these dietary Supplements must be sure to consult with your doctor and possibly undergo a series of tests to make sure that it is possible to increase the weight with the help of such tools. Unfortunately, many ignore the doctor’s advice, and face as a result of serious health problems – problems that could have been avoided.


Protein shakes their hands

Often it is not necessary to buy expensive sports nutrition: you can prepare cocktails for muscle growth independently. The basis for such cocktails are usually low-fat dairy products – milk, yogurt, cottage cheese. To add milk based proteins eggs (chicken or quail), and – sometimes – carbohydrates. As sources, you can use bananas, dried fruit, honey.

Cocktails will be more effective if further enriched with vitamins and supplements for muscle growth, including ready-made supplements from the pharmacy. For example, is well established L-carnitine, and vitamins of group B.


Supplement is not a cure

Doctors treat supplements ambiguous. On the one hand, it is obvious that these drugs can be very useful in some situations. On the other hand, since dietary supplements are not drugs, they are almost never tested before sale. This means that these tools will potentially unsafe, especially if you use them too heavily.

To reduce the dangers of drugs and simultaneously to force customers to buy as many different additives, manufacturers of dietary Supplements reduce the content of active components in the media. As a result, the effectiveness of such measures is also becoming quite controversial.

Although Supplements are not medicines, they may have contraindications, and the list of diseases and conditions under which a particular drug is contraindicated, it is sometimes quite impressive. So before buying a biologically-active additives, you should carefully review the instructions, paying particular attention to the kinds of biologically active substances included in the products.

Also be aware that dietary Supplements on the market traditionally a lot of fakes. It may be just a “dummy” that do not contain the claimed substances, or – more ominously – substandard drugs that can harm the health. Why not buy the Supplements only in specialized shops with a good reputation, where the risk of buying a fake is minimal.

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