опухшие векиSwollen eyelids indicate fluid accumulation. Usually, eyelid swelling reflects the type of activity that you do before: you drank a lot of fluids at bedtime, ate salty foods, worked all day in the garden, leaning his head down, or lay down to sleep very late.


Causes swelling of the eyelids

Swollen eyelids can be a sign of an allergic reaction. Pollen, dust, pet hair, solution for contact lenses, the feathers are all common allergens.

Hormonal changes during menstruation can also be the cause.

Over the years, the skin around the eyes becomes thin and loses its uprugosti, this too can lead to swelling of the eyelids, and permanent.

Causes of puffiness of eyelids can be not only the above. If you have swelling in both eyelids, it may be with tears or SARS, such as the common cold. The cause of the swelling of the eyelids may be the pollution of the environment or toxine pair. Work with the welder without special protective masks also refers to these reasons. Sometimes the problem may be more serious than you think. If eyelid swelling is accompanied by swelling of the face, it indicates angioedema, a severe allergic reaction. Swollen eyelids can be the result of inflammation of the conjunctiva.

Sometimes and most often the swelling is only on one century. It can be an inflammation of the conjunctiva, eye trauma, foreign body or infectious disease (barley, ocular herpes or herpes of the cornea, blepharitis).

Most likely, you hide swollen eyelids under Solnechnyi points, but there are other ways of getting rid of this problem.


How to get rid of swelling on the eyelids

  • Sprinkle your face with cold water to improve blood circulation. Gently Pat with fingertips on the upper and lower eyelids swelling. This will help you abovethese from accumulated fluid.
  • Place in the refrigerator to gel eye mask, and then attach it to the eyes for a few minutes. If that doesn’t help, try putting a cold teaspoon. You can packlast an ice cube in a baggie and attach it to centuries.
  • As option tea bags. Dip them in cold water and apply to closed eyes for 15 minutes. Contained in tea tannin will firm the skin around the eyes and reduce swelling. Good tool and compress from the infusion of chamomile.
  • Dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in a liter of warm water. Moisten cotton pads in this solution and ProLogicII against your eyelids for 10 minutes.
  • To relieve swelling eyes work well with strawberries. It contained alpha hydroxyl acid smoothes skin and reduces swelling. Place strawberries in refrigerator for 30 minutes, then slice into thick slices and apply to eyelids.
  • Try a diuretic. If you during menstruation accumulate in the body water, some tools can reduce the swelling.
  • If swollen eyelids are a symptom of an allergic reaction, you can take antihistamines.

If you still eyelid swelling associated with inflammatory processes or infectious diseases, it is necessary to use eye drops, antiseptic ointment, compresses. Eye ointment is best to keep in the fridge. You should consult the doctor.


Ways to avoid swelling of the eyelids

In order to avoid swelling of the eyelids the next day there are several effective ways.

  • First of all, lift up the head of the bed, placing the bed on wood blocks 12-15 cm, the liquid will accumulate in the eyelids.
  • Drink plenty of fluids before you go to bed. Limit yourself to a few SIPS.
  • Eliminate from the diet of very salty foods.
  • Consume less alcoholic beverages. Alcohol leads to fluid retention in the face.
  • Avoid anti-wrinkle cream. Sometimes a side effect can be bags under the eyes and eyelid swelling.
  • Change your makeup tools. Means to makeup water based or gel is much easier than with oil content.
  • Do not tweeze eyebrows, this will only increase swelling.
  • Forget about the feathers. If you are allergic to feathers, better buy pillows of synthetic fiber.

Puffy eyelids are not only aesthetic problem. This indicates that you have overloaded the kidneys and liver.

Some people have eyelid swelling is observed only in the morning, others constantly. They look tired and painful.

When poor nutrition kidneys are overloaded and the body can not removes excess fluid, resulting in congestion in various parts of the body, for example, in the legs, on the face or on the eyelids. In case of bad work of kidneys and swollen eyelids recommend for Breakfast onion broth until your body starts to excrete the excess fluid. To do this, 0.5 liters of water, boil 2 onions for 30 minutes. Allow the broth to steep for 10 minutes. Sol add is not necessary, it is better to add a bit of sea water. In this broth you can also add celery or horsetail, which is also a strong diuretic.

Sometimes swollen eyelids are a symptom of congestion of the liver. Since all of our bodies are interrelated, then the kidneys have to work harder. Clean the liver with the following diet. It will take you one day. You can carry out this procedure once a week, once a month or as needed.

  • On an empty stomach take a glass of warm water, juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil extra virgin.
  • For Breakfast: a glass of smoothie with fruits, vegetables, nuts and brewer’s yeast.
  • In the middle of the day drink a sweetened infusion of milk Thistle, dandelion and stevia.
  • Lunch: green salad with avocado, brown rice and lentils.
  • After lunch take a sweetened infusion of milk Thistle, dandelion and stevia. Oven baked Apple with cinnamon and honey.
  • Dinner: vegetable cream with oatmeal and corn bread.

Dine early, late dinners overload the liver.

Don’t forget that kidney will function better if you during the day will be to drink plenty of water. The main thing is that she wasn’t cold, and you need to drink it between meals. Otherwise, it can badly affect your health. If you don’t really like to drink water, add a little lemon juice and stevia, and you have lemonade.

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