Занятия Табатой для похудения

TABATA for weight loss can be a real salvation for those who have already despaired to find a slim figure under a thick layer of fat. This system of training was developed in collaboration with colleagues Professor the University of Tokyo doctor and trainer Izumi TABATA. The method consists in the alternation of phases of heavy load and phase relaxation. Exercise is very simple, their implementation does not require special physical training, and the cycle time is only 4 minutes. This is not fiction, but a proven fact.

The method is called the TABATA Protocol – the name of the inventor. It is based on the principle of interval training. Originally gymnastics was used to quickly get in shape athletes before an important competition. But soon, thanks to its ability to burn fat 9 times faster compared to aerobic exercise, it has been used as an effective way to quickly reduce weight.

The benefits of using TABATA for weight loss

The TABATA you can spend just 4 minutes, and not even have to do this every day. What you need to do during this time? Be able to perform 8 sets of one or more exercises. It looks as follows: 20 seconds work at the limit of their powers and capabilities, 10 seconds relaxation and full rest. The specified intervals must be strictly followed, so will need a timer or stopwatch. Despite its apparent simplicity, normal charging will be of such intensity that for a beginner these few minutes can seem like an eternity.

In fact, such short-term training is much more convenient long and not less exhausting exercise in the gym or Jogging. This is true for busy people, particularly for young mothers who want to tidy shape after giving birth, but not having enough time for yourself beloved. Besides, some women considering themselves to be awkward at all ashamed to do in public. For them exercises TABATA, too, can be the ideal solution. Now, select the main advantages of the system:

  • does not require special equipment and expensive equipment;
  • there is no need for the gym;
  • intensively decreases fatty tissue;
  • strengthens the muscular system, the figure gets a nice shape;
  • there are no restrictions on age, physique and fitness level.

During intense exercise the breath involuntarily becomes frequent. The blood receives a large amount of oxygen. Subcutaneous fat is simply “burned”, actively providing additional energy for working muscles. Metabolism is repeatedly accelerated and remains at a high level for a long time after a workout. Thus, in contrast to the classical variants of fitness, fat continues to go even in between classes.

How to organize a training session and what to pay attention?

Be used TABATA for weight loss may be even people very far from the world of physical education. The main thing is not the level of athletic training, and well-chosen exercises and maintain a high rate them perform. With a good physical preparation, you can also use weights or dumbbells. Beginners it is better to choose a fairly simple exercise, but the intensity should be at the maximum. Methods available to almost everyone, except those who will find the following list of contraindications their diagnoses and individual characteristics:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hypertension;
  • pregnancy and critical days in women;
  • laziness and lack of motivation.

A proper fitting is an exercise that cannot run in the first approach 7-8 times, and at the end of the eighth and every cell of the organism already starts to “beg for mercy”. Only in this case, the TABATA Protocol works, and is an active burning subcutaneous fat. Beginners should not worry about the fact that the first time the quality of the exercises is not up to par. The main thing is to keep up the pace and skill developed by practice. There are several options for organizing trainings:

  1. Take one exercise and perform his all 8 of trips, thoroughly working out a particular muscle group. Next cycle – new exercise. Cycles can be alternated on different days or combine them into a longer workout.
  2. Be used in one cycle of 2-4 exercises, doing them one at a time. This option is preferred for beginners, as per the training is being worked on more muscle. After all, to withstand a second – is unlikely to succeed.
  3. Alternate exercises to speed with power loads. Suitable for both beginners and advanced. It all depends on personal preference.
  4. To unite in one cycle of 8 different exercises. Each approach to perform a new movement. Perfect as a morning exercise.

The complex of exercises for beginners

Squats. Feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides. Do intensive propriety, simultaneously throwing his hands forward and slightly tilting the torso.

Reverse push-UPS. Rest hands on any elevated surface behind. Quickly lower and raise the pelvis, bending and straightening your elbows.

Twisting. Lying on your back, hands behind her head, legs bent at the knees, feet are on the floor. Lifting your upper body, alternately right and left elbow are drawn to the opposite knee.

The rise of the back and buttocks. Initial position, as in the previous exercise, but his hands along the body. Leaning on the shoulder and foot, raised and lowered body.

Before you start training you need to perform a small workout and in the end do a few stretching exercises and relaxation. In the popular television program “On the main” TABATA for weight loss is dedicated to a story, where the leading together with experts reveal the secrets of effective techniques and demonstrate some exercises that it takes to complete beginners.


Rita, 26 years. Didn’t think it would be so hard, but the effect was noticed on the second week. The stomach has become smaller and the skin is tightened. Glad that gymnastics takes very little time and you can do it in any corner of the house. It’s important to me because I recently became a mother, and all his time to devote to the son, so the place of my classes next to a cot.

Irina, 45 years. Gave up on himself in the struggle with being overweight didn’t help anything. Heard from a friend about gymnastics TABATA, at first, thought it necessary to enroll in classes, and I, frankly, uncomfortable in his own body on the people. It turns out that you can do without leaving home. Here, decided to try it. There are already a couple months to 3 times a week. Already wear clothes two sizes smaller. I think that the fly will fully change their closet. This is a delightful slimming system!


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