таблетки XLS для снижения веса

Tablets XLS for weight loss have been created on one of the subsidiaries of the company omega Pharma (Omega Pharma) in 2010. Holding specializes in the production of over-the-counter medications, so this tool is not a drug, but a dietary Supplement. The drug was highly appreciated by European doctors and nutritionists who have recognized its effectiveness in reducing weight.

The structure and principle of operation

In our country comes in several varieties XLS, particular series of Professional and Duo (manufacturer LadoPhytophar, Belgium), 40+, “fat Blocker” (the manufacturer of Incoterm Europe Ltd, Germany). The supplements differ slightly in composition and method of reception, but have approximately the same effect. In this case, all the producers promise a weight loss of 5 kg per month. Ingredients for the tablets are extracts of grapefruit, artichoke, pineapple, green tea, parsley, fennel, black currant and Apple, cocoa butter.

Additionally, the product contains inulin, which is obtained from tubers of Jerusalem artichoke. This substance helps normalize lipid metabolism, reduce blood sugar level, helps to better absorb vitamins and minerals. On the process of weight loss drug acts simultaneously in several directions. Weight loss will occur due to:

  • increase of power consumption;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • cleansing the body of toxins;
  • decrease feelings of hunger;
  • binding fats consumed with food.

Tablets XLS for weight loss “fat Blocker” function on the basis of the unique complex Lotramin, which contains cellulose Mexican cactus Opuntia Indian. His vegetable fibers adsorb to 27% fat and form a rather dense fiber-lipid complex, which is not absorbed in the intestine and excreted from the body during bowel movement.

XLS «Блокатор жиров» с уникальной формулой

Instructions for use of tablets XLS for weight loss

Take the tool you need 1 capsule in the morning during the month. To enhance the effect (good endurance) the dosage can be doubled. For drinking after drug requires a large amount of fluid. So BAD, be sure to drink a glass of water and a sachet of powder to dissolve in it. Also during the day you need to drink 1.5-2 liters of free fluid. “Fat blocker” taken 2 tablets 3 times a day during meals.

With tablets XLS for weight loss on the couch does not count. First, you will need to significantly increase physical activity. Secondly, it is recommended to limit the diet to 1500 calories (for women) and 2000 kcal for men). Diet will be easier to survive, because the BAD dulls hunger. Before you start to take the drug, consult contraindications:

  • pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • individual intolerance to the components;
  • kidney disease, diabetes (if the same diagnoses should consult with your doctor);
  • coadministration of drugs that reduce cholesterol levels.

You should also not use the pill within 2 hours after some of contraceptives and fat-soluble drugs. Although this Supplement is plant-based, her technique is sometimes associated with the occurrence of side effects in the form of digestive disorders, increased flatulence, nausea. It is not recommended to repeat more than two courses per year. To maintain a stable weight, you can use the BAD occasionally, 2 tablets during too high in calories and fat meal.

Where to buy and at what price?

Tablets XLS Medical can be purchased in regular and online pharmacies. Prescription to purchase supplements is not required. The prices of the product may vary depending on place of purchase and package size. So, the cost of Professional XLS approximately 800 rubles (30 to 60 capsules). Monthly rate “fat Blocker” 180 tablets will cost 2000-2800 rubles.


Anna, 28 years. Lose weight together with a friend. Together took these pills, went to the gym, drank a lot of water and controlled each other in the diet. The result is excellent! Girlfriend lost 4.5 kg, and I’m on 5.5 kg, and all this for 1 month. No side effects were not. Great tool, helps control appetite, food was restricted only sweet and flour.

Alina, 32 years. We work indiscriminate “epidemic” – all lean from XLS. And I decided to try to bring yourself to fly in order. Moreover, the advertisement promised that the fat will leave it to problem areas. The result is just lost time and money. Weight has not changed, the appetite on the contrary was brutal, but still belly constantly rotating. Price bites, and by eating a healthy diet and working out, you can lose weight without pills. The divorce!

Tamara, 39 years. Decided to lose weight easily. Impressed by advertising tablets, which positioned the product as completely natural. Have endured a month. Lost 2 kg, which came back as soon as he stopped taking, and even brought a couple extra. And all the while tormented by heartburn and dry mouth. And now became concerned about the kidneys and was found to have gallstones.


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