To take care of hands at home is very simple and should not be afraid. All the procedures are quite simple, and the result exceeds all expectations. Hands it’s such a part of the body, which certainly attracts attention, as always in sight. But most people believe that visiting the salon hand care enough to care home is not required, it is misleading, beauty only addition to the General care.
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Buy universal lathes for metal only in specialized shops where skilled managers will be able to give you advice on the choice of instrument. Also the major suppliers of this tool there are Internet sites where you can view the entire list of the range and prices of these products.

The main purpose of hand care is carrying out prevention, because prevention of problems is much easier than their deliverance.

The first rule of care is to use warm water when washing hands. Use hot or cold water will lead to premature aging of the skin. Hot degrease the skin, the cold will make it rough.
Ухаживаем за руками дома
Also if you are going to care for their pens at home, you need to know that all the housework, such as washing, cleaning, washing dishes, should be carried out only in gloves, if no gloves, use protective hand cream, use, use only a mild detergent. Use only high-quality toilet soap or special gels, such means capable of protecting the skin from drying out. Any moisture on the skin, wipe dry. Every day use hand cream, to use the cream as often as toothbrush.
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Also do not forget about the skin on the elbow joints, for her to make need special care.

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