тантрический массажTantra is of great interest to those who want to reach the heights of sexual mastery. Inexperienced tantric sex and tantric massage are represented only by a set of techniques that give an incomparable pleasure. However, Tantra is primarily a spiritual practice, achieving not only bodily, but spiritual harmony in a pair.


Indian magic

Translated from the Sanskrit word “Tantra” means “a sacred text, the mystery, the magic”. This refers to the esoteric Buddhist and Hindu traditions, widely spread in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. It’s a religious direction associated with the cult of the great Goddess-Mother, has a number of characteristic features. Some of them are relevant only for Indian society, others are known all over the world.

So, for most people, Tantra is associated with sexual beginning. Indeed, tantrists teachings gave sexual energy to start a special role. The release of sexual energy and sensual pleasure is equal to the mystical ecstasy and becomes the target of numerous tantric rituals. One of these rituals is tantric sex.

Tantric sex is essentially something more than the usual sex. This kind of meditation, aimed at achieving harmony in a pair. Partners forget about the egoistic desire to receive pleasure, and focus on how to give pleasure to each other. Bodily and spiritual nature harmoniously intertwined, merged with each other, take a couple to a new level of relations.


“Light version”

On the pragmatic West at all times there was interest in Eastern wisdom, Eastern religions and Eastern spiritual practices. However, most modern people are not ready to change his life completely, as required by Eastern teachings. Spiritual practice is hard work on themselves, requiring at least a certain character. Those who for such work is not ready, have to settle for “lightweight” version of the ancient teachings. So yoga is transformed into a variety of exercises and tantric sex is just one of the ways Congress sought in the pursuit of diversity.

True tantric sex is a complex combination of rituals that require considerable training. Sex becomes a form of worship, sensation beyond physiology and move on to another level.

The version of “light” differs significantly from the original. Often called tantric any sexual contact with an Indian paraphernalia. Lighting incense sticks and including Indian music, the hapless fans of Tantrism hope to experience some special feeling, but hope these are usually in vain.

Greater success comes to those who pays attention not to the attributes and essence of tantric touch.

Disclaimer selfish thoughts; the beloved as a deity; a sincere desire to give pleasure, and to not take it – these principles can really help to open new horizons in the couple relationship. Even if the spiritual component of the contact will not be given sufficient attention, this approach will allow you to experience a special feeling.


Embrace the soul

Tantric sex can last for many hours: orgasm is not the goal of this contact, both partners learn to enjoy every minute of communication, from the looks of breathing, touching. The most important part of tantric sex is the massage.

Massage at all times used in pairs as part of the prelude to love. But in Tantra massage is not just a love game, it is a full component of copulation. The partners give each other a tremendous pleasure of his touch. Instead of the usual pleasure comes joy, and joy is not only physical, but mental. It seems as if not only the bodies but also the souls merge into the embrace, turning into one.


Massage technique or rejection of technology

Attempts to reduce the tantric massage to the list of techniques ridiculous, as if trying to convey the beauty of the fragrance of a flower by its chemical formula. Each such intercourse is unique, it is outside the strict boundaries, schemes and rules. The only way to release sexual energy and get closer to harmony.

For the tantric massage is very important inner spirit partners: without it nothing happens. In addition, care should be taken and appropriate environment.

Invalid hustle and bustle, the beloved should be enough time. Measures should be taken to lover nobody prevented. A phone call or visit unexpected guests will knock your mood and will not allow the couple to fully enjoy the fellowship.

To tune in the desired fashion keeps a nice quiet music, reminiscent of the murmur of water, soft lighting, sensual aromas, pleasant to the touch material. You can massage each other by turns or simultaneously – there are no strict rules, each couple looking your way. The main thing is to focus entirely on the partner, to give him pleasure, forgetting about yourself. The body of a loved one is like a sacred temple, and massage turns into an expression of infinite love.

Slow motion will help you to relax and attain bliss. But the touch has to carry a charge of sensuality to partner fell asleep in the process. The awakening of sexual energy and signs of arousal – a sign that all is right. At the same time, the excitation should not be too strong, unstoppable. Lingering caresses and slow growing desire will give your partner greater pleasure.

During the massage much attention is paid to the visual contact. Of course, when massage lover such contact is difficult, but in other moments should show their feelings not only the movements of the hands, but also a loving glance. This will increase the joy and strengthen the spiritual connection between partners.

Maria Bykova

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