дегтярное мыло от прыщейAcne bothers to the huge number of young women and men not only a teenager, but sometimes after him. Tar soap from acne is not a new public property to all known organic product. The conquest of the health and beauty of skin many years went hand in hand with soap made from birch tar, it continues today, when lack of dermatological products is observed.


Tar soap for acne – complex solution

Opportunities tar soap familiar to many, and not only for those who is an adherent of traditional medicine and the use of only natural, organic and environmental substances. Beauty salons and beauty parlours, which takes cosmetologist, full of cans and bottles, which are stored in the modern expensive drugs that can solve just about any skin problems. In practice, things are not so simple. If the skin is suffering from an active form of acne, which with acne combined blackheads, pustular education, painful redness (rosacea), enlarged pores, increased oiliness, peeling, keratosis (thickening of the stratum corneum of the epidermis), treatment can be complicated.

To eliminate one characteristic should moderate drying, for another – hydration without the participation of a fatty basis, for the third – cleansing and destruction of bacteria. All these features not usually found in the finished medicinal cosmetics that have to be hypoallergenic. An important factor working in favour of natural means, such as tar soap is affordability, combined with efficiency. For teenagers with exacerbation of acne and complex worst forms of lesions of skin is often the main argument in favor of saddle soap.


Tar soap against acne: clean the pores, smooth skin

Everyone who at least once washed saddle soap, knows the feeling smooth skin and tighten pores. It really has an excellent property that the skin is then smoothed, pores visually diminish the tone becomes more homogeneous, redness disappears.

Then the restriction, if it happens regularly, reduces the risk of clogging dead skin particles and skin fat. This means that comedones produce less, and they are not formed painful inflamed pimples heads. Skin breathes freely, tone smooth as a relief. It remains only to provide the skin timely and regular moistening using comedogenic cream and use a liquid Foundation that does not clog pores.


Fighting fat

Increased activity of the sebaceous glands is the fundamental reason that called problematic skin.

Sebaceous ducts secrete excessive amounts of sebum, and in the absence of timely cleansing or improper care on the skin surface a mixture is formed from dead skin particles found in the outermost layer of fat floating in the air of dust and dirt, which is filled in by hand. Pimples in this case is inevitable, but they can be prevented if you use saddle soap.

If the pimples are concentrated in the T-zone, which is characterized by increased oiliness, apply a paste of tar soap in this area and leave for 5-10 minutes as a mask. For the prevention of acne and reduction of skin tar mass can be diluted in broth or medicinal herbs, for example, chamomile, celandine, St. John’s wort, milfoil, who have all the properties that are required for the treatment of acne and its prevention.



When using tar soap for the face, especially if the skin is not healthy, you must observe the precautions that allows not to aggravate the situation with problem skin. Tar soap for the persons recommended to be used with caution in hypersensitivity of the skin and the propensity to allergies. For any type of skin treatment acne saddle soap should not be a fanatic – a maximum of two washing a day (morning and evening).

Treatment should not be long, because the risk of severe dehydration of the skin due to the constant aggressive deprivation of the protective fat layer.

Remember that acne is a complex disease of the skin, which in many cases requires not just a thorough cleansing, but also the revision of the diet, and also participation of medical preparations, which in tar soap is not detected.

Folliculitis, or a blockage from balance-of hair follicles is a common side effect at the regular use of saddle soap. If you had this trouble, requires serious intervention dermatologist, and the use of tar soap would have to cease.

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