дегтярное мыло для интимной гигиеныThe importance of intimate hygiene for women of any age it is difficult to overestimate. A thorough, proper, regular hygiene is of great importance for the prevention of gynecological diseases, but despite a sufficient range of cosmetic products, women continue to look for a natural alternative to care for this delicate area. Tar soap for intimate hygiene becomes one of such tools.

Can I wash saddle soap is an issue of concern for the women who are concerned about their health. Many believe that this soap, is effective for face and hair is contraindicated for use in the bikini area. The reasons are simple – surely it is too rough and aggressive effect on delicate skin and especially the mucous membrane of the vagina, which will lead to unpleasant consequences. Irritation, dryness, and, moreover, increased risk of diseases of the urogenital afraid of women, and they do not even think that tar soap to use not only possible, but sometimes you need.

The most important thing to know is that every woman who decided to test the effectiveness of saddle soap for intimate hygiene – it can be used successfully, but you cannot consider this soap as a remedy.

If you experience symptoms of serious diseases of urogenital system, it is not necessary to hope for a miracle-working power of natural tar soap. You need to see a doctor who will examine your body and prescribe a course of drugs or procedures. Tar soap for intimate hygiene should be applied in a number of specific cases and for a limited period of time.


Tar soap for thrush

Some women after a visit to a gynecologist for the first time confronted with the necessity of change of the approach for daily intimate hygiene. Thrush is a common lady’s disease, which is a lot of inconvenience, but are easily treated. To cure passed the most natural way, some physicians-gynecologists recommend starting to get ready saddle soap.

It is known that the skin’s pH person neutral, is 5.5, but in the intimate zone is different. The microflora of the vagina acid, its pH – 3.3. When there thrush, representing a fungal infection, also known as vaginal candidiasis, pH drops, flora becomes more acidic. To resolve this violation, it is necessary to neutralize the acid, aligning the acid-alkaline balance. This can be done with soap, which is alkaline. To apply for intimate hygiene ordinary soap is not recommended, as it negatively affects the microflora of the vagina, on the delicate skin of the area. Tar soap from thrush is more desirable, it effectively dampens” acid background microflora of the vagina and normalizes the balance by returning to the woman’s health, comfort and good health.

At occurrence of yeast infections you need in the morning and evening to get ready saddle soap to eliminate symptoms. In the preventive purposes tar soap can also be used one or two times a week. Moderate use of this soap prevents the growth of infections, reduces the risk not only of a yeast infection, but cystitis, which often occurs in women with impaired immunity.


Tar soap from irritation and inflammation

Bikini zone is regularly exposed to aggressive factors, the main ones being irritation and sores from shaving or other types of hair removal, as well as mechanical friction from tight underwear. Avoid infection of open wounds, their early tightening, edema, irritation and for the early tightening any of microtraumas recommended to use saddle soap.

If you have decided to get ready saddle soap, it is better to choose no ordinary bar and liquid soap dispenser.

First, in composition this soap may be other useful substances, secondly, to use the unit with more hygienic.

Currently tar soap is not only commercially, but also at home. For intimate hygiene should beware of funds home application, as they may contain deleterious substances and fragrances, which will cause irritation.

Intimate zone is not a field for experiments, so it is necessary to use either classic saddle soap or special medical gel.

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