дегтярное мыло для лицаSoap with the content of birch tar sing the praises of a connoisseur of natural products and a professional beauticians. It has proven efficacy from many unpleasant manifestations on the skin of the head, face and body, and if you apply it with care, it can be a full replacement for expensive treatments. Tar soap facial – salvation for problem skin, which requires special treatment and attention.

Most people in their Teens are faced with oily skin of the face, dotted with acne, black dots. Inflammation, pustular education, uneven color and greasy Shine for some is like a vicious circle from which it is not expected output. One goes and re-appears, the oiliness replaced by dryness and dehydration, acne is aggravated. Treatment takes months and even years, money, and inflamed skin worse responds to frequent and intensive cosmetic intervention. In many cases the problem can be easily solved, is enough to begin to wash saddle soap.


Tar soap for oily skin

Problem skin, usually combines several features that are so hard to cope. Tar soap can cope with them, and then not have to resort to additional therapeutic means, doing routine moisture.

Tar soap for oily skin is a great tool that not only cleans the face and normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, it tightens the pores, making the skin pleasantly Matt.

If it is very oily and combination, especially when it comes to adolescence evening after washing can cause a refreshing tonic, non-alcohol based, and in the morning – matting cream or gel with the effect of narrowing of pores. For skin prone to dryness and peeling, and also for combination skin after 25-30 years after washing the necessary light moisturizer.

Severely inflamed skin with multiple pustules, rosacea, increased oiliness, requires delicate handling. Mask from tar soap to clean the skin with gentle therapeutic effect. Scrape it a soap bar, crushing it into mush, which should be applied to the skin. For efficiency, it is added gruel or aloe juice, which combines bactericide and healing property with softening and moisturizing.


Tar soap from blackheads

Black dots can accompany oily and problem skin, but often remain after curing acne. As black dots are nothing short of clogged pores, which are formed due to high oily skin and problems with hygiene, tar soap can help to cope with them.

Regular use tar soap not only normalizes the work of sebaceous glands, reducing their activity and oily skin, it is tightens pores and cleanses the skin, making it more difficult for the formation of comedones. To clear your face of black dots, mix in hand soap foam from tar soap with a small amount of ground coffee and gently massage your face in a circular motion. The skin should be a little steam out.



Is it possible to wash saddle soap holders sensitive skin is a moot point. Adherents of traditional medicine suggest to do for those whose skin is sensitive because of active acne and is not resistant to treatment with an abundance of chemical components of synthetic origin. Many experts opposite warn against such treatment because of the risk of aggravating hyperresponsiveness.

Tar soap for sensitive skin should be used with great caution. Limit use to once a day, and if you notice irritation, rash, dehydration, discontinue use it, choosing a safe and effective alternative to pharmacy lines.

Regardless of skin type saddle soap for persons should not use constantly. It tends to dry the skin, which has a detrimental effect on her condition, bringing the aging process.

After washing saddle soap don’t forget to moisturize the skin, and to the positive properties of soap was not changed to negative, use it as needed. If the skin is healed and healthy-looking, come on quality means on care of a face.

In periods of acute align cleansing and antiseptic properties of saddle soap with the effects of other natural components. Among them can be aloe Vera, essential oils, honey, olive oil, herbal teas and infusions. You can use them together with soap, for example in the mask, and separately, after washing to sign the skin or strengthen antipruritic, antiseptic and other properties of saddle soap.

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