дегтярное мылоTar soap has a specific smell, which is not in his favor, for people who are important aesthetic components, products shop. However, the properties of the soap and its nice price can’t leave it behind consumer of love. About the benefits of saddle soap know Allergy sufferers and people with problem skin and hair, but its properties are spread far beyond these problems.

Use tar soap is not an exaggeration – this brown brick with a sharp odor really has a lot of positive features that make it a great ally of the health and beauty of skin in cosmetology, dermatology and medicine. Allergic to tar soap phenomenon is very rare, but do not abuse his abilities and to use more than once or twice a day.

Washing with saddle soap – a clear benefit to painful skin, which is hard to find full gentle care without the risks of exclusion and side effects.


From what makes tar soap

And in industrial production, and domestic production of saddle soap is a soap containing tar. It consists of about 10% of the tar, the rest is the usual soap. Russian pharmacies is common soap with the content of birch tar, but in other countries used for the production of other types, for example, aspen or pine.

Tar is a product of the destructive distillation of wood tar, which gives it a black or dark brown color. Tar was used back in the old days, when using it oiled leather products, footwear, soaked them the tree. Tar soap in horticulture is the true remedy against parasites, which destroy crops. Antiseptic properties of birch tar served as the basis for the use of tar in folk, and then in official medicine. So began to make tar water, ointments and, of course, soap.

The use of tar soap was originally limited to the prevention and treatment of skin diseases. In the twentieth century science has made great advances have been introduced drugs, which now began to turn to in cases in which previously used traditional medicines. Then on the soap from tar for some time forgotten – it was no more still needed. Useful properties of saddle soap out of the shadows toward the end of the twentieth century, when the deficit in synthetic media was not observed, increased EkoConnect and many felt the need for a natural remedies, Allergy-free and highly efficient.


Using tar soap

Why use tar soap in addition to the ordinary healing of wounds and inflammations? The range of application of this tool is surprisingly wide:

  • Skin lesions. For a number of diseases, which clearly manifested skin lesions, requires a comprehensive treatment of the entire body, but tar soap for skin in any case will help with itching, redness, inflammation elements, strong peeling.
  • Tar soap psoriasis helps to relieve the symptoms of the disease, but to abuse its use should not be. Dermatologists argue, whether it is expedient to use tar soap in seborrheic dermatitis. Tips to wash them three or four times a day do not always find enthusiastic responses from people with different forms of dermatitis, which may be exacerbated.
  • Tar soap with scabies will help for some time to relieve itching, as is the case with other skin diseases, the cause of which lies in psychosomatic disorders or invading parasites. Tar soap when demodicosis sometimes becomes a genuine salvation, because Demodex causes unbearable itching.
  • Tar soap from pediculosis. In childhood, many take such unpleasant thing as lice, because of the lack of hygiene. Tar soap for children is not always, and in many cases their tender skin requires more careful treatment. But not when lice. Tar soap against lice can be used both adults and children, but only in a limited period of time – until the complete disappearance of parasites. Tar soap from lice demonstrates the efficiency already after the first application. After rinsing the soap hair should be combed fine comb, freeing them from insects.
  • Tar soap body. Body soap with birch tar is recommended in severe sweating. While taking a shower you can handle them armpit – soap dries the skin, normalizes the activity of sweat glands. Tar soap sweat shows the effectiveness not only in the armpits. Tar soap foot reduces sweating with regular use. Feet to wash you in the morning before going out or in the evening before sleep.
  • Tar soap from the fungus. Mycosis – unpleasant phenomenon, which can be found on their feet and nails some time after the public baths or because of the neglect of personal hygiene when using shoes or socks. Tar soap from nail fungus effectively not less than another remedy. Need before going to sleep to lather his feet with soap, sprinkle nail salt, wrap and put on socks. After a few days mycosis will disappear.


How to make a tar soap

Natural tar soap will easily find in any drugstore, but suspicious person or novice inhabitants are interested in how to make a tar soap own hands. This will require the tar, the bar of children’s soap , and other components of the essential oil (if you want to make soap with a pleasant aroma), basic (in bold) oils, herbal teas as liquid Foundation, moisturizer.

Grate baby soap, add liquid basis and put to melt over low heat. In rasslablenno soap put the base oil, mix well, cool slightly, then add the cream, a table spoon of tar and pour into a ready mould. Chilled soap can get and use the next day.

Why use saddle soap, cooked at home? It can be used for the same purpose, but with self cooking, you can choose the base composition – moisturizing, nourishing, fragrant.


Tar soap: contraindications

If you are not sure how to use tar soap and fear of complications, see contraindications in advance.

Despite the proven effectiveness of soap against skin diseases, it is not recommended to people with sensitive skin, thin, very dry – it touches the skin of the face, body and head.

On tar may be allergic that should be provided. Saddle soap should be washed very fine hair that is prone to dryness, dullness, split ends. If you dye your hair, remember that this soap is likely to “withdraw” you are part of a paint with hair – this property is successfully used for the correction too dark shades.


How to use tar soap

Tar soap in the pharmacy is sold in the form of the bar, and in liquid form, the latter is more preferable due to its hygienic because of the dispenser. Many doubt how to use saddle soap and liquid means it causes less problems.

If your goal is to clean the skin, soap normally wash immediately washing it with warm water. If you want its formula acted on the skin for some time, for example, psoriasis or to narrow point needs to make a mask – hard slab soap here more convenient.

In the treatment of saddle soap skin after necessary to humidify light tonics or refreshing cream-gel, not to provoke dehydration with increased protective reaction.

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