татуировкиTattoos are expensive, painful and almost forever. Pain during the tattoo removal is several times greater than the pain in her application, besides the removal does not always guarantee the desired result. If you have an idea to make a tattoo, think carefully about this decision, go to the salon only when you do not have the slightest shadow of doubt about what you’re going to do. Haste in this matter – the first enemy. People should just understand and imagine the picture will appear on his skin and what consequences this may have in his life.


Holy place

The location of the tattoo on the body is no less important than the picture itself. Those who are planning to make a tattoo in areas that cannot be covered by clothing should understand that the tattoo is in a place which may specifically affect their career, lifestyle and so on. That is why tattoo on the face, palms or throat occur quite rarely.

Image on forearms, ankles, neck and wrists are also quite difficult to hide, and many, having a tattoo in a place like this, under certain circumstances, have to come up with ways to hide the picture. Choosing the location for a future tattoo, consider all the possible consequences and methods of camouflage.


Draw – will not erase

татуировкиTattoos in the form of inscriptions in Arabic script, or in Chinese characters look very picturesque, but many people are not aware that the translation of a word, symbol or phrase depends on the context. If you don’t speak Japanese, you are unlikely to know that the hieroglyph denoting the word “truth” can mean something else, and more prosaic. Believe me, not all master tattoo have a clear idea of the meaning of certain characters. Of course, to control the reaction to your tattoo is impossible, but in your hands to make the right choice, obviously excluding the possibility to be trapped.

Before applying to the body a specific image, you should have a clear understanding of all the possible interpretations of this figure. That is, people must understand what is happening in his body.

The choice of style, of course, depends on the personal preferences of the person.

  • Asian or Oriental style

татуировкиThis style is often a image of Sakura, Buddhist motifs, Lotus flowers, dragons, shape geisha or samurai. Often a tattoo in this style looks like a real panoramic canvas on a given topic, a complete sketch of which is developed not in the process of applying a tattoo, but in advance, and often such “pictures” occupy the entire area of the hands, back, chest and so on.

  • Black and grey tattoo

In this case, the subject does not matter, the specifics of this style lies in the peculiarities of drawing, namely in the presence of shading and shadows in different shades, designed to create a three-dimensional image without the presence of color. To mitigate circuits often use white paint.

  • Celtic style
татуировки Джоли


The distinctive characteristics of a Celtic style – various knots and weaves a specific design, crosses, spirals, images of the tree of life, animals and heroes Gaelic, Welsh and Breton folklore.

This modern style combines images of machinery and people. The work of the Swiss artist Hans Rudolf Giger is a classic example of biomechanics in the fine arts.

Aesthetics tribal tattoo based on the culture of American Indians and tribes of Micronesia and Polynesia. In ancient times, the representatives of different tribes used tattoos to indicate the status of the person, any important events in his life, and to save on the body magical defense spirits and gods. Often tribal has a strong geometric design and is in black color.

  • The Style Of The Old School

This style is also known as traditional American tattoo or Maritime tattoo. The peak of popularity of tattoos in this style came in the 1800-s. The main theme of this style is the sea, and all that is connected with it, mermaids, anchors, ships, birds. Old school is clearly associated with style pin-up. In such tattoos are always a lot of color and almost no shadows.


Trust but verify

татуировки Пинк


All people are different, so in the environment tattooists meet as a talented, conscientious people, and irresponsible unskilled Amateurs. Before you trust your body (and health) of a particular master, try to learn about this man and his work as much as possible. The masters qualification is the main factor of choice, the consequences tattoo, done by a non-specialist can be quite sad, ugly scars on the skin to infection.

Special attention to working conditions, the sanitary condition of the premises in which there is a tattoo Studio and the equipment hygienic standards.


Without pain not do

татуировкиThe severity of pain depends on the size, complexity, location of the images, and also depends on the individual’s susceptibility to pain. Painful areas when applying tattoos are places close to the bones, joints and tendons, areas with a minimum of muscle tissue and a large number of nerve endings (nipples, fingers, face). Application circuits also more painful than driving with color or shade.

Good to know your pain threshold, however, the pain when applying a tattoo is not like, for example, on the tooth, it is not acute, but not dull, it can be compared to a strong sunburn on a tiny area of skin, in which someone persistently poke with a toothpick. In General, it is unpleasant, but tolerable.


Caring for a tattoo

татуировкиEach tattoo is master of its own program of care for a tattoo, someone advised not to remove the bandage for a few days, someone recommends to get rid of it after a few hours. But all with one voice advised to just leave the tattoo alone, not to strip the formed crust, do not RUB, not wet, and so forth.

Svietlana tattoo, in fact, is wound, so to prevent bacteria tattoo should close the bandage at least a couple of hours. After the bandage is removed, Tau can be washed with warm water and mild antibacterial soap. Wipe with a soft towel or toilet paper and apply to the skin a thin layer of antibacterial ointment, preferably with vitamins a and D. to Take a shower until the tattoo has healed, you can, but take a long bath and swim in the pool or pond is not recommended for at least two weeks.

The appearance of a thin crust on the surface of the fresh tattoo is quite normal, do not forcibly pull out of her, to mitigate recommended several times a day for five minutes to apply warm, moist compresses. After some time, the crust will disappear by itself. The feeling of light (and sometimes not) itching indicates the healing of the tattoo. In any case, do not brush your skin, wait a bit, itching passes through the process of healing.

татуировкиTake care of drawing on the skin you want and after healing of the tattoo. Before going out, be sure to put on skin cream or lotion with sunscreen. Exposure to sunlight can adversely affect the appearance of the tattoo, the image may become paler if left, the contours will lose sharpness, and color brightness.

If you feel the irresistible urge to decorate your body original drawing, do not resist his desires, the main approach to this decision after weighing all the “pros” and “against”. Tattoo gives others an impression of the man before he speaks, think about what you want to say to people. The puncture from the piercing is delayed over time, “acid” hair recolor, and the tattoo is virtually irreversible step, and it should not be forgotten. To do a tattoo or not is a personal choice, but that tattoo is not only an original way of expression, but also a real form of art, it is obvious.

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