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One of the most popular modern means slimming tea with Goji berries. The composition of fruits of Tibetan barberry truly unique. There is irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, more than 20 mineral substances, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. There are a lot not only useful, but also very tasty recipes based overseas berries, which can relieve hunger, to lose weight, to clean the intestines, to get rid of excess fluid in the body, boost the immune system and relieve stress. And right now you can learn how to make these miraculous fluid.

Cold drinks

Perfect for a summer – the use of cold tea with Goji berries. Mixing certain ingredients, you will be able to create a fragrant and refreshing, invigorating and refreshing drinks.

  • “Classics”. You will need a minimum of 100 g of fruits and 1 litre pure (filtered or still mineral water. Just pour in a bottle with a wide neck liquid and put berries. After a couple of hours, when Goji will absorb the moisture and “share” with water, vitamins, drink is ready. Ideally you get and water, which is designed to compensate for the deficiency of fluids you drink (in summer it is especially important, and useful meal – when tea with Goji berries will end, the fruits you can eat.
  • “Minty freshness”. Prepare 100 grams of fruit Tibetan barberry, quarter tsp ground cinnamon, 100 g torn hands mint leaves, 1 l of water. Preparing the drink is the same as described in the previous recipe. But in this case, you get even more refreshing herbal tea with Goji berries, which also will impose a calming effect.
  • “The perfect Energetik”. Take 100 g of fruit, a small half tablespoon minced ginger, 40 g ginseng root and 1.5 liters of water. In the evening pour herbal raw hot water. The next morning pour infusion in a bottle or jar, add barberry and wait a couple of hours. This herbal tea with Goji berries will be a great helper for weight loss and nourish the energy of those who are actively involved in sports.
  • “Berry blast”. If in the country and in the forest all Mature berries, it’s a good excuse to cook tasty and fragrant drink that perfectly quench thirst and hunger and, consequently, will help get the attractive shape of the body. Such tea with Goji berry for weight loss is prepared from 100 g barberry, a handful of black currant and a handful of raspberry. The last two components need to mash with a pestle till into mush. All the gifts of nature are formed in the jug, filled 1,5 liters of hot water (not boiling). After 2 hours of vitamin water is ready for use.

Hot drinks

Warming tea on the basis of Goji berries is a great option to nourish the body with vitamins and energy, and then actively sweating during physical training. The main purpose of such drinks – cleansing the body of toxins. These harmful substances interfere with the process of losing weight.

  • “Chinese tea party. For preparation of 6 servings drink (myself and my friends) brew 4 tablespoons good Chinese whole leaf green tea hot water (90 degrees). Immediately there, add 100 g of fruits barberry. After 20 minutes your vehicle ready. It is believed that, if you drink green tea with Goji berries, it will help the body absorb the maximum nutrients from both ingredients.
  • “Molokai”. Heat 1 l of skim milk in a water bath to a hot condition, but do not boil. Brew 2 tablespoons green or black tea and 100 grams of fruit Chinese barberry. The ideal tool for removing excess water from the body and get rid of the swelling. Drink this tea Goji berries with small portions – literally 100 ml
  • “Effective treatment”. In half a liter of hot water to brew 1 tablespoon Rooibos, 1.5 tbsp Goji and a pinch of Cayenne pepper (powder). From one lemon squeeze the juice and add in the brewing capacity. After 30 minutes may take.

Sublimated drinks

You can also buy tea with Goji berries at the pharmacy, where the fruits are presented in lyophilized form in filter-packets-maker or in the form of powders for the preparation beauty of drinks and cocktails. Such fluid “fast food” presented in a wide range – with Melissa, extracts of pineapple and lemon, ginger forest berries and other additives. On the package, as a rule, there is a detailed instruction on preparation tools.

Claimed by manufacturers useful properties of tea is the same: the cleansing of the body, weight loss, extraction of toxins and excess liquid and toxins, normalization of metabolism. However, you should carefully treat such goods. Careless companies are willing to put in bags anything, including any laxative or diuretic, and then all at once.

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Katerina, 26 years. With the preparation of tea from Goji I didn’t bother. Just poured hot water and drank. Then itself is beginning to Wake up fantasy and I began to add to drink known natural remedies for weight loss – ginger, cinnamon, broth corn silk and other Experimented as he could. And not in vain. For a month without any physical effort and diet I lost 4 kg for me Personally, the result is just super.

Nina, 32 years. First bought on trial tea with Goji berries powder. Honestly, taste not really, although it is the most affordable option. Then a friend gave me some of the fruit that is booked on the website. And you know, heaven and earth are simple. Very tasty. And as soon as will drink the drink, eat all the berries. Really ruins appetite. Then she ordered a couple of packages. Already dropped 4.5 kg and expect everyone to conquer the sea!

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