Children’s manicure – mandatory hygienic procedure, which every mother spends every week your little child from birth. To teach children to nail care is necessary since childhood and completely irrelevant gender of baby: girl or boy – nails-grow at all. So from early childhood, children should monitor not only the purity and neatness and attractiveness of their pens and nails. Arrange daughter is a true celebration of the birthday of: go with her to the shops, where she will choose a toy or new clothes, and then look at the nail salon: little fashionista will remember such a surprise for a long time, because she’ll feel like an adult and insanely beautiful.

Today we will tell you about the technique of child manicure that you can conduct at home.

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Tools for manicure

Baby nails and the skin is very delicate, so it’s up to manicure should be with extreme caution. Buy your child his personal manicure. To perform the procedure at home you will need:

  • pliers, which are considered safer manicure tool;
  • nail wand from the orange tree, it has antibacterial properties and does not injure the cuticle;
  • nail file;
  • antiseptic;
  • a bowl of warm, soapy water;
  • towel;
  • baby cream.

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Technique manicure

This technique is suitable for all children up to 14 years, since the manicure they do not perform.

  • Check the water, it should not be too hot. Add some baby liquid soap and a few crystals bath salts from a children’s series. If in your Arsenal is the oils, invite a child to drop it in the water. Lower the child’s hands in a bowl of water for 10-15 minutes. At this time you can read a story or to learn a given verse in school.
  • Gently towel to wipe our hands and treated with an antiseptic skin and tools.
  • Remove the dirt under the nails.
  • Using wire cutters cut the length, leaving 1-2 mm and give shape to all of marigolds. Very carefully cut away the burrs.
  • Glass nail file remove sharp edges.
  • Now that was the most fun: spend a massage with a small amount of cream.
  • Orange stick slightly pushing back the cuticle.

детский маникюр 2

Design ideas for baby manicure

Your daughter will definitely tell you what kind of manicure she wants. Give her the opportunity to choose the color of nail Polish and come up with a decoration. Draw bows, birds, ladybugs, cherries, watermelons, or kiwi, Maritime theme. In actual birthday on nails to portray the cake or cakes, fireworks or flowers. For the New Year or Christmas, and also pick up on Halloween themed drawings. You can use glitter, pebbles for nails, stickers with fairy tale characters, faces of animals or hearts. Surprise your daughter with sampingan manicure or water, these techniques will cause a real delight. The main requirement for the lucky – they should be therapeutic or children, not to harm your little Princess.

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