This season moon manicure will be one of the most fashionable ways of decorating nails. Often it seems that his only professional wizard, but this is not true: it can be done at home, just need to learn the techniques of performing this type of coverage. First and foremost, is to give your nails a shape using a saw blade is most beneficial with moon manicure nails look oval and rounded medium length.
Лунный маникюр: стильно, ярко, выразительно3
The occurrence of a sharp pain in his hand is often a sign of problems with the spine. Such pathology as a herniated cervical intervertebral disc, often accompanied with this symptom. In addition to pain, often marked by numbness and muscle weakness, and symptoms of a hernia can depend on its location.
Лунный маникюр: стильно, ярко, выразительно
For the manicure turned out neat, you can use a special stencils that can be found on sale in specialized stores. In addition, to create a trendy manicure you will need: two contrasting shades of varnish, base coat, top coat.
Applying a manicure consists of several stages:

  • Degreasing nails before coating
  • Applying a base coat under nail
  • Nail Polish light shade, which will subsequently become the color wells

Sticking the stencil on the nail. This should be done after complete drying of the coating, otherwise its integrity will be damaged. Instead of stencil you can use tape or a band-aid, the main thing is to give them a rounded shape corresponding to the shape of the holes.
The coating of the nail lacquer dark shade on top of the stencil.
Лунный маникюр: стильно, ярко, выразительно
After the paint is dry, should be applied over the binder – this will contribute to a long-wear manicure and preserve it in its original form.

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