Fashionable Ombre manicure is a special nail design, in which the shade of varnish from the base to the tip of the nail slowly disappear in several colors and turns into a different color. Design nails Ombre replaced the plain bored lacquer such staining is also called dip dye, but in this case, the tips of the nails are painted in a different color with a smooth transition from one color gamut to another. Gradient manicure looks pretty and stylish, creating it can be combined as the same color of nail Polish, so absolutely different shades.
Технология маникюра с эффектом омбре3
the Ombre coloring is of three kinds:

the first option implies the wave transition within the same color, just change the saturation level;
– the second option is the staining of the nail several contrasting shades. The most successful are those combinations: lemon and violet, blue and orange, light green and red. However, you can use absolutely any vibrant and trendy colors of the season, and even black and white colors;
– the third way, most courageous, allows painting each nail in a different color. You can choose how bright hues and pastel, each option looks stylish and attracts attention.
Технология маникюра с эффектом омбре4
Huge bright composition on the nail you can even create your own at home, without resorting to the services of professionals. The number of color transitions and tones may vary from 2, 3 or more. This manicure looks great on the nails of different lengths. Gradient manicure is achieved through the unique application of technology, is important to achieve as much as possible a smooth transition from one shade to another. To distribute the varnish on the nail surface using a sponge, it absorbs prepared varnishes and distributed on the nail plate.
Технология маникюра с эффектом омбре4
The secret is that using a sponge you cannot impose lacquer particularly accurately, as a result of several touches mixing colors with the blurred border. The classical version of the gradient is the application of colors in the horizontal direction, however, you can use the vertical and diagonal location.

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