Today the industry of beauty offers many services and various types of services. It concerns and nail. Modern beauty salons offer buildup with gel and acrylic. Offer more consider the substance of these two technologies.

Gel extension;
Техники наращивания ногтей
This increase, is made with a special gel. Private master of nail modeling causes the composition on the prepared nail plate and поддает gel exposed to ultraviolet rays of the lamp. As a result of this simple procedure is formed persistent gel coating. Remarkably, nails look quite naturally and beautifully, as the layer of gel looks smooth and has a soft glow.
And yet, despite the resistance and hardness of the coating, there is a need to carefully treat your manicure. During the harvesting specialists advise to wear gloves. It is obligatory for those who have never stepped up the nails, as a means of household chemical negatively affect the delicate skin of hands.

With regard to the correction, it is worth visiting the salon every three weeks. If you accidentally damage the nail plate, there is a need of correction it is injured claw.

Acrylic capacity
Техники наращивания ногтей3
This is another popular today technology of nail art.

Acrylic is not that other, as a special powder mixed with monomer. These components form a thick paste. It and use for manicure. Acrylic paste hardens quickly, and then the wizard polishes and gives the right shape of the nail plate.

Acrylic nails look quite natural and aesthetically pleasing. But there are negative: acrylic negatively affect the state of the relatives of the nails, which can become brittle and fragile. Although it largely depends on the composition of the material for building and density from his plate.

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