Think about the beauty of your nails, inherent in each girl. One of the most common and successful method is to nail. The extensions are a great way to make your nails stronger, durable and beautiful. When you build, you can control the desired length, shape, color, pattern and other advanced decoration, such as rhinestones, sequins, and other decorative elements of the nail plate.
Технология наращивания ногтей в целях создания идеального образа2
Unfortunately, not every girl boasts beautiful, strong, long natural nails. In this case, the nail will be able to fix this minor flaw. The reason to increase your nails are all different, some use their fingernails brittle, causing terrible clues and as a result, you can rip your favorite silk blouse. And Repair service in our time, is more expensive than the nail.

The procedure is not difficult, it takes 2-3 hours and is to change the length and shape of the nail, by drawing on the nail plate materials such as gel and acrylic. When the capacity gel obtained strong nails, natural and flexible, giving you the ability to change their shape. The process of applying the gel is very simple, first apply the first layer of the gel, which is dried in the ultraviolet lamp, then the second layer and the upper fixing the floor, then cut the required form and lacquer are applied or draw a picture depending on the customer’s wishes.
Технология наращивания ногтей в целях создания идеального образа
The procedure of building nail acrylic, almost identical gel procedure, however, acrylic is a powder that before applying to the nail plate, wet in a special solution, it gives a sharp smell. With acrylic, as a rule, working professionals, as, in its application, you need to do it quickly, accurately and confidently. Acrylic peculiar to quickly dry up.

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