brilliant-smileToday, when with glossy covers and blue screens we dazzling smile all 32 pearls stars of show business, so it is difficult to refrain from dissatisfaction with own reflection in the mirror. We look inhabitants of the Hollywood hills or Rublyovka and dream that our faces were covered with the same smooth chocolate tan and the smiles were as white.

There are a lot of modern ways to whiten teeth: this is a diverse whitening pastes, gels, rinses, cleansing strips or trays, as well as clinical whitening procedures.

Teeth whitening procedure is a wonderful way to find beautiful white teeth for people with healthy teeth and gums. Best whitening amenable to yellowish tone enamel, however, this cosmetic procedure show not for everyone.


Is there a «white smile»?

It is worth to remind of advertising chewing gum, toothpaste and brushes for the most inaccessible places, which only exacerbates the mood of the apparent dissonance? Yes, and you’ll know. Despite the efforts, super-brush and super-paste, our mother smile still a little similar to the one on the screen. Someone believes advertising and feeds single chewing elastic band without sugar, someone’s paying big money for regular teeth whitening procedure, someone at home improves the color of enamel baking soda. In any case, even if we manage to have some time to lighten teeth, pretty soon servings daily caffeine or nicotine favorite harmful sweets and murderers enamel – crackers – do the trick. We can throw your favorite habit of drinking a morning Cup and smoke a cigarette but can we ensure that the smallest remnants of food were eliminated from the mouth? Hardly. In any case, the crazy rhythm of modern big city, this contributes little. So what to do if we still dream to whiten your teeth, but cannot radically change your lifestyle?

For a start, we need to reconsider their attitude to the well-known stereotype of the ‘ white smile». Those who inferiority complex due to yellowish teeth caused by abuse of coffee or tobacco should, on the contrary, rejoice. Despite the common misconception, namely, that of a healthy person should have white teeth, doctors hunt their own line: yellow enamel stronger and less prone to tooth decay. Yes, white teeth aesthetic. Yes, the symbol of advertising gum or tooth paste will never желтозубая smile. However, think it is necessary to you? Is not it better to live with yellow teeth and don’t worry about микротрещинках, scratches and early caries?

Alas, many of us are vital to come under the beautiful pictures with advertising posters. That is why even the native yellow teeth you want just a little bit of bleach. By any means. If you still came together to whiten your teeth, my advice to you is to start with less effective, but less harmful ways. Maybe you will be satisfied with the result and without having to reduce the strength of enamel.


Methods of whitening enamel

отбеливание зубовOne of the less radical methods of whitening enamel is a mechanical way. Its essence consists in cleaning the teeth from plaque and Tartar. As a rule, the procedure is performed in the dental office, where the dentist sends teeth jet of sand-salt solution or ultrasonic who disrupts the plaque from the teeth.

This method has a very big plus – it is harmless to the enamel, so the procedure may be repeated every six months. Teeth will become healthier and cleaner and lighter in tone, by two.

For a start, the doctor will prepare you mouthguard on the size of the teeth and give whitening gel. The house is up to you to fill mouthguard gel and wear them on your teeth before going to bed. The dentist will monitor the progress of bleaching and advise you. With time the color of enamel will be lighter than the native, but the benefit it will not go. The problem is that the gel contains hydrogen peroxide, and it destroys the enamel, making teeth more sensitive to heat and cold. Their color can become unnaturally white.

Slow and barely visible at first glance, the way to whiten your teeth is colgate-whitening. For whitening colgate you apply the gel on the teeth brush. When it hardens, the color of enamel becomes whiter. The effect persists until the gel wash away saliva.

A good solution is quite persistent result and a caring attitude to the teeth. Lack of a method – the effect is not so bright, as if the teeth bleach his doctor, and the procedures to last as long as half a month.

If you want to whiten your teeth without special time, money, stop your choice on special pastes, great choice of which now can be found in any pharmacy.

They do not have a strong adverse impact on the enamel, remove the plaque, their use does not cause unnatural whiteness. Just remember that the use of the paste can no more month, and then you have to give enamel rest for a few months.


Whitening toothpastes

Without exception, all toothpastes are designed to remove plaque from your teeth, and help them included in the composition of the paste soft abrasives. Some toothpastes contain non-aggressive chemical components, which increase the effect of purification and removal of plaque and stains from the tooth enamel. Whitening toothpastes are not designed for deep bleaching, they run directly on the surface of the tooth. A part of whitening toothpastes, which you can buy in a store or at a pharmacy with doctor’s prescription, is peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, this component allows to achieve whitening one tone. Special professional teeth whitening procedure can lighten your and clean the surface of the teeth from three to eight tones.


Cleansing strips and whitening gels

Bleaching gels have a transparent gel consistency, they put a small brush directly on the surface of the teeth. As a rule, on the instructions of such a tool should be used twice daily for fourteen days. The first results can already be noticed after a few days of use, the whitening effect lasts for three to four months.

Whitening strips – very subtle, almost imperceptible strips covered with a whitening gel peroxide content. Strips are applied to the surface of the teeth for 30 minutes twice a day for 14 days. The principle of action of strips is no different from the whitening gel, the result is identical.


Bleaching conditioners

Bleaching conditioners emerged recently. Like most of the funds of this type, they freshen breath, to remove the plaque and prevent the development of gum disease, but some mouthwashes enriched ingredients aimed at whitening tooth enamel. According to the manufacturer, the result will be visible after 12 weeks of use. Just gargle this tool mouth twice a day before you brush your teeth. However, many dentists say that bleaching conditioners are not as effective as other whitening treatments that you can buy in the store. Rinser does not provide long-term impacts on the enamel of the teeth, twice to rinse the mouth for several minutes really significant and long lasting result is virtually impossible to achieve.


Whitening tooth trays

Whitening system from dental trays you can buy in a pharmacy or by a dentist, the system is a mouth tray bleaching solution. The tray can be worn every day for a couple of hours or leave it for the night. The course of bleaching is up to four weeks, in some cases longer.


Whitening in clinical conditions

отбеливание зубовIn-office bleaching is the most effective and quick way to make the enamel of the teeth brighter and brighter. Dentist causes bleaching agent directly on the teeth, exposing the treated surface exposure to the laser and/or light. The result is noticeable immediately after the procedure, which lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. To achieve the maximum of the whitening effect, take a few procedures. Clinical whitening procedure is not only the most effective but also the most expensive.

Unfortunately, the whitening effect disappears with time. Especially quickly this happens abusers food and drinks that are painted enamel, in such cases, teeth darkened after a month. If the person avoids similar products, between whitening procedures can be a year or more.

White teeth varies depending on the individual characteristics of the enamel of the teeth, the degree of darkening and the type of system used for bleaching.

Of course, whitening at home and in the office of professional is not the same.

Tools that you can buy in a store and hold weak whitening components and professional products for whitening contain not less than 15% hydrogen peroxide, and in some cases it reached 43%.

For manufacturing individual dental tray dentist removes jaw mould, which is then produced tray, ideally repeating the shape of your teeth and jaw. This approach can ensure the most effective impact of the whitening gel teeth enamel. Dental trays can be bought in a drugstore, but in this case you have to settle for universal size . Tray size may provoke irritation of the gums and soft tissues, and also to prevent the bleaching gel on the soft tissues of the mouth. In clinical procedures bleaching agent is applied exclusively to the teeth.

Under certain circumstances, teeth whitening is not recommended or the effectiveness of the procedure is significantly reduced.

Whitening is not recommended for children under 16 years as a root canal by this age was not yet fully formed, and pregnant and lactating women.

Teeth sensitive enamel is also better not to expose bleaching. If you have a problem or gums defects restoration before you start whitening, be sure to talk with your dentist. Persons with allergies to hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is also contraindicated.

If the teeth are restored or you put crowns, tooth whitening is impossible to carry out, materials for the restoration of crowns and is not exposed to the bleachers.


Traditional methods

The use of teeth whitening folk remedies – method gentle and not very noticeable. For procedures you need lemon crust, baking soda or river sand. Any of these ingredients can you put on a piece of gauze and RUB their teeth. The main thing – do not get soda, which can and enamel hurt.

So strive to Hollywood smile wisely, sacrificing for a beautiful picture own health.

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